Is the iPad Pro an unfinished product, rushed out too soon? Or is there another problem?

Head over to Apple Support forums and Apple has acknowledged there is an issue where the iPad Pro stops working. This includes no screen response to tapping and in some cases a total blackout. Apple Support Article Link.

Is this the only issue? Nope. I have had a lengthy support conversation over connection issues only resolved by following the solution in the above Apple Support article linked above.  

The Verge and Re/Code published similar articles discussing whether the iPad Pro had an app problem. Link HERE.

And here I am exactly one week later with only 2 apps updated to support the iPad Pro – WordPress and Transistor. I am left with many apps still to be updated, all of which are using the old on screen keyboard which has keyboard keys too far apart. The new on screen keyboard is very good. 

Accessories – where are they? Clearly something was off schedule and the official Apple accessories are non existent. Even if you were fortunate enough to pick up the official Apple Keyboard, Apple is selling it only in US English and there is no option for UK English. The Apple Pencil is even rarer which has probably left even more people wanting one.  Both the Apple Keyboard and Pencil show a delay of 4-5 weeks online. 

So with blackouts, screen stops respondingt to taps, concern over apps and the lack of accessories I do wonder if Apple rushed the iPad Pro out ahead of time to catch the Christmas sales period. 

Last night I wanted to highlight a few words from a web page in safari. It was impossible to highlight the text correctly. For a device touted as a PC replacement, basic commands like copy and paste should work perfectly. 

For an experience that costs over £1,000, I am wondering if the iPad Pro is ready for prime time? 


4 thoughts on “Is the iPad Pro an unfinished product, rushed out too soon? Or is there another problem?

  1. Yet all the traditional tech sites have the iPad Pro high marks in their reviews. Here we get a lot more real and balanced information.


  2. Yes, yes……. Oh yes…… and yes. Almost as if I had written this myself Gavin.
    It is such a shame because the Pro has the makings of being ‘that perfect device’. In reality though has it been let down by bad logistic management, poor and inadequate software design and a lack of allowing app developers to bring their software to the Pro let alone make it optimised.

    That article by The Verge and Re/Code was word for word explaining the exact problems a lot of developers are experiencing.
    I am currently assisting one such developer having run his App through Apples TestRun software. This developer makes a truly exceptional piece of software and pours in hours and hours of software support. He does all this as a single developer and has openly admitted one of his biggest problems is in not being allowed to produce the App in a way best for his users.

    All of this, the whole package could have been better managed, better run, better handled and better supported. Although Apple as a brand are worth a financial lot more than they were say two years ago their worth in many day to day ways have and continue to suffer.

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