Honor 8 – Impressions One Week Later

Honor 8 hardware

It has now been exactly one week since my Honor 8 arrived. Below are my week one thoughts. My full review will come next week.

Without a shadow of doubt the Honor 8 is a beautiful phone to look at. It is also a phone that can be used one handed as it is not too big.

It is also the best Honor or Huawei phone I have used from a software and hardware point of view. Whilst its launcher skin is not everyone’s cup of tea, I have shown it to several non techie friends, all of which loved it and all the software features provided by EMUI v4.1. As I have mentioned before, if the launcher skin is not to your liking, android has many offerings available like Nova or Google Launcher to tweak the design. Personally, I like what Honor has done plus the ability to download different themes.

So apart from the gorgeous design, I have found battery life to be excellent. The screen is good too with excellent viewing angles.

The standout feature is the dual lens camera though. It has snapped some amazing photos and with ease. The different camera modes give the Honor 8 the edge over phones like the Samsung S7 too. For example, Night mode created this shot below.

Honor 8 - Lightroom mobile enhanced shots

This is Silky Water mode below. Again so simple to snap a quality photo like this on the Honor 8.

Dartmeet - Long Exposure #Honor8

Or just use auto to get a great shot like below.

Bellever Tor, Dartmoor #honor8

In fact I have not snapped a duff shot on the Honor 8. The front selfie camera is great too and has lots of adjustments to ensure you take the perfect selfie!

Apart from the camera there is an infra red blaster which has proven useful for adjusting my TV volume regularly. The Honor 8 uses USB Type C to charge too.

All in all, I really happy with the Honor 8 so far.

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