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Honor 8 – Impressions One Week Later

Honor 8 hardware

It has now been exactly one week since my Honor 8 arrived. Below are my week one thoughts. My full review will come next week.

Without a shadow of doubt the Honor 8 is a beautiful phone to look at. It is also a phone that can be used one handed as it is not too big.

It is also the best Honor or Huawei phone I have used from a software and hardware point of view. Whilst its launcher skin is not everyone’s cup of tea, I have shown it to several non techie friends, all of which loved it and all the software features provided by EMUI v4.1. As I have mentioned before, if the launcher skin is not to your liking, android has many offerings available like Nova or Google Launcher to tweak the design. Personally, I like what Honor has done plus the ability to download different themes.

So apart from the gorgeous design, I have found battery life to be excellent. The screen is good too with excellent viewing angles.

The standout feature is the dual lens camera though. It has snapped some amazing photos and with ease. The different camera modes give the Honor 8 the edge over phones like the Samsung S7 too. For example, Night mode created this shot below.

Honor 8 - Lightroom mobile enhanced shots

This is Silky Water mode below. Again so simple to snap a quality photo like this on the Honor 8.

Dartmeet - Long Exposure #Honor8

Or just use auto to get a great shot like below.

Bellever Tor, Dartmoor #honor8

In fact I have not snapped a duff shot on the Honor 8. The front selfie camera is great too and has lots of adjustments to ensure you take the perfect selfie!

Apart from the camera there is an infra red blaster which has proven useful for adjusting my TV volume regularly. The Honor 8 uses USB Type C to charge too.

All in all, I really happy with the Honor 8 so far.

For more information and the latest pricing on Amazon Click HERE.


LG G5 – Views after One Week

Drake Building, Tamar Science Park, Plymouth #lgg5wide

I have now had the LG G5 for one week. The phone is a revelation. It is so enjoyable to use I no longer have the Samsung S7 Edge.

I love the design and feel of the G5. In gold it looks good. USB Type C connector. Infra Red Blaster. Great cameras. Modules. Did I say great cameras. Very loud loudspeaker. Lovely bluetooth audio quality. The single let down is the screen brightness. It doesn’t go high enough when needed. May a software fix is required to fix this problem,

Milbay Harbour, Plymouth #lgg5wide

The wide angle lens makes capturing a scene previously impossible, now possible. The entire harbour in one shot captured above.

The first shot of Drake Building produces such dept.

Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth #lgg5wide

You can step really close to the hotel to capture this shot.

Everything on the G5 works really well from hardware and software. And then there is the modules and friends which are all about to come into stock. I am really looking forward to the LG Cam Plus and B&O HiFi DAC. I like the concept that I can make my G5 better or different with these modules.

And now LG is teasing more options with these modules, including a GamePad, Printer, Projector and more. See below.

One week later – Mike airs his current views on the iPad Pro

Regular reader Mike Patterson added a detailed comment to my post yesterday “downsizing from the iPad Pro to the iPad Mini 4” airing his current views on his iPad Pro after just over a week. 


“Well I have until 20th January 2016 to decide whether or not to keep the Pro. If you had asked me earlier I would have said “it’s a keeper”. However, what with the issues I am having:-

1. It continually dies after each full recharge ~ this is EVERY SINGLE BL**DY TIME.

2. I am STILL waiting for my online order of the iPencil to change from being Processed to Shipped ~ getting on for two weeks now and no point in walking into my nearest Apple Store….. All this yet in the US where they too have similar online issues Apple have been selling more accessories to Best Buy and Staples than what goes into their own stores.

It’s infuriating, you go into an Apple Store and the answer is “Nope, none in”, yet go into Best Buy or Staples and walk out with one under your arm. Online orders… what a joke. Whatever happened to get up early, place your order and you are now at the top of the delivery system.

What has happened to Apple? I remember when they used to be customer first where other companies were envious of the way they managed to get hardware out on day one to everyone……. Now all they have become is another second rate shipper.

3. Apple should have looked at iOS on the Pro ~ All that wasted space on the Home screens. It needs a rework.

4. Lack of Apps that fully utilise the Pro ~ This I am laying the blame firmly at Apple. For Apps to take full and complete advantage of the pro (not just the screen size but the extra RAM, Processor Speed, etc. etc) requires developers to place a lot of time and effort. Problem is these Apps can not be treated like your normal iOS App. They work similar to OS X and as such would warrant OS X prices. But there’s the rub, users of the Pro are in a mindset this is just another tablet and basically it isn’t. So even before developers start there is a problem.

To counteract this developers would like to offer free trials so that you can test the software before making a huge in iOS terms payment commitment……. But no, Apple will simply not allow software to be released in this manner. They are stopping the development of these type of Apps.

It’s not too bad if you are a big company like Adobe where you can afford to place a team of highly paid developers to build your Pro software. They can run at a big loss and charge a high price at the end……. But for your average one man developer, he/she doesn’t stand a chance.

4. There’s bound to be a number four and a five and a six…… but I just can not be bothered to stay here and write them down.
Apple you enticed me in, you made me fall in love with your whole expensive system of design, management, delivery and performance.

Now you leave us frustrated, short changed and angry.

So many areas of errors and anomalies yet nothing in return of apologies or reasons. And let’s not mention iCloud failures.”