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Honor 8 – Impressions One Week Later

Honor 8 hardware

It has now been exactly one week since my Honor 8 arrived. Below are my week one thoughts. My full review will come next week.

Without a shadow of doubt the Honor 8 is a beautiful phone to look at. It is also a phone that can be used one handed as it is not too big.

It is also the best Honor or Huawei phone I have used from a software and hardware point of view. Whilst its launcher skin is not everyone’s cup of tea, I have shown it to several non techie friends, all of which loved it and all the software features provided by EMUI v4.1. As I have mentioned before, if the launcher skin is not to your liking, android has many offerings available like Nova or Google Launcher to tweak the design. Personally, I like what Honor has done plus the ability to download different themes.

So apart from the gorgeous design, I have found battery life to be excellent. The screen is good too with excellent viewing angles.

The standout feature is the dual lens camera though. It has snapped some amazing photos and with ease. The different camera modes give the Honor 8 the edge over phones like the Samsung S7 too. For example, Night mode created this shot below.

Honor 8 - Lightroom mobile enhanced shots

This is Silky Water mode below. Again so simple to snap a quality photo like this on the Honor 8.

Dartmeet - Long Exposure #Honor8

Or just use auto to get a great shot like below.

Bellever Tor, Dartmoor #honor8

In fact I have not snapped a duff shot on the Honor 8. The front selfie camera is great too and has lots of adjustments to ensure you take the perfect selfie!

Apart from the camera there is an infra red blaster which has proven useful for adjusting my TV volume regularly. The Honor 8 uses USB Type C to charge too.

All in all, I really happy with the Honor 8 so far.

For more information and the latest pricing on Amazon Click HERE.


Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – my durable second phone just received another update OTA plus 1st Impressions

A few weeks ago I picked up a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact on pay as you go at my local Vodafone store in Plymouth. It was on a special offer and was unlocked by the store before I left.

I have since fitted it with a front screen protector, bought a few magnetic to usb cables to charge it, and now have a superb terrapin hard soft to touch case cover for it. I also bought the special noise cancelling headphones to try out with Sony’s music app. My 128gb micro sd card is installed and this has 60gb of music on it along with a wide selection of my photos. 

Originally, my plan with the Z3 Compact was to review it and then sell it on. However, I find it one handed use and extremely pocketable size a joy. Add to the fact it is waterproof and dust proof, this is the phone I am now using when I go walking on Dartmoor. I use Viewranger GPS maps and the Z3 Compact is an ideal companion as the wet and windy and foggy conditions of Dartmoor are ideal for this phone. It also has 2 days battery use without even using any of the special power saving modes which extend it further. 

The Z3 Compact on paper has a 20.7mp rear camera. It’s pretty terrible in auto mode, so I have to use manual settings all the time. Fortunately, I can cope with this fairly easily, although the photos are still below par versus other smartphones. Regardless of the camera, this pocket rocket of a phone is wonderful. I will be writing my full review at some point too.

Anyway, the phone came with android lollipop out of the box. This morning it received an OTA update that took this phone to android 5.0.2. 

After the update, the next message I received was Google Play services had stopped. This is the lollipop memory bug, still present and dangerous!

OnePlus One – Quick impressions


So yesterday I got to spend some time with my friends OnePlus One. You can now buy the 16gb version from a buyer that’s fulfilled by Amazon all for £259. Amazon link. Note the 64gb is not Prime or fulfilled by Amazon. My friend was gloating as he changed from his LG G2 to this phone.

It’s a 16Gb Chinese version with CM11S loaded on: – http://www.gizchina.com/2014/06/12/differences-international-chinese-oneplus-one/

The OS didn’t have OTA enabled, so you will need to download the 33R “signed flashable zip” to the device from:-

Then enable “Developer Options” and check “Advanced reboot”. Reboot into “Recovery”, selected “Flash Update”, selected the download on the device and flash. After loaded on, the OTA updates will keep coming until flowed you reach the current 44S versions (4.4.4). The 4.4.2 version that was on initially was stable.

Should you have to do all of the above. Not at all. I reckon OTA updates were disabled as there were some buggy releases. Did I like the invite system. No it was pathetic. However, moving all the above to one side the OnePlus One is a very nice phone. Comfortable to hold in one hand due to the grippy and weighty curved back. Heck even the 1080p screen was good. There is no memory card so really 64gb would be preferable.  In fact in the white finish I really wanted to take my friends phone away for my own use. 

But, it’s £258 which whilst it sounds cheap, for £42 more it is possible to buy the LG G3 with all its bells and whistles. So which do you choose?