LG G5 – Views after One Week

Drake Building, Tamar Science Park, Plymouth #lgg5wide

I have now had the LG G5 for one week. The phone is a revelation. It is so enjoyable to use I no longer have the Samsung S7 Edge.

I love the design and feel of the G5. In gold it looks good. USB Type C connector. Infra Red Blaster. Great cameras. Modules. Did I say great cameras. Very loud loudspeaker. Lovely bluetooth audio quality. The single let down is the screen brightness. It doesn’t go high enough when needed. May a software fix is required to fix this problem,

Milbay Harbour, Plymouth #lgg5wide

The wide angle lens makes capturing a scene previously impossible, now possible. The entire harbour in one shot captured above.

The first shot of Drake Building produces such dept.

Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth #lgg5wide

You can step really close to the hotel to capture this shot.

Everything on the G5 works really well from hardware and software. And then there is the modules and friends which are all about to come into stock. I am really looking forward to the LG Cam Plus and B&O HiFi DAC. I like the concept that I can make my G5 better or different with these modules.

And now LG is teasing more options with these modules, including a GamePad, Printer, Projector and more. See below.


4 thoughts on “LG G5 – Views after One Week

  1. For blueetooth sound quality, what type of hardware and software you use ? Finally, i change store of my LG G5. I will get it wednesday and go to Maroc with it the next week 🙂 nice area for review


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