Google Pixel Phone – Only £819 for 128gb and no OIS – My Thoughts (I’ll try and be polite)


Google announced the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone.


There is no micro SD Card support so the 32gb version is not a storage size I would recommend. 128gb is the other option. In the larger XL phone, this costs a whopping £819. If this price seems familiar it is the same price as the new iPhone 7 Plus 128gb.

So let’s be very clear here. This is no iPhone. It is the run of the mill top end hardware specifications that are seen in many android phones, some of which cost around £400. What you are paying for is a pure Google experience. Well, you can achieve this without buying the Pixel phone.

My recommendation is not to buy this phone. Instead if you want to spend iPhone money, buy an iPhone. If you want an android phone then buy a Honor 8, Samsung Note 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 or a HTC 10. All of these phones will offer more interesting software and hardware experiences.

Apparently the Google Pixel phone obtained the highest mark for its camera sensor by DxOMark of 89. Whilst the sensor might be excellent, the camera software and processing are just as important. Looking at the rear camera in more depth, it only has a f stop of f/2.0. It also lacks optical image stabilisation. This concerns me that whilst the pixels are large it is not really any further advanced in the camera department over last years Google Nexus 6P.

There are no standout hardware features on the Pixel Phone either. If you buy a Honor 8 you have dual rear 12mp cameras and an infra red blaster. Plus the Honor 8 is gorgeous to look at. If you spend a bit more you get the HTC 10. Great hardware and software plus a monster headphone amp. Plus its camera does have OIS. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a similar price to the HTC 10 but has more features than your kitchen sink. The Note 7 and iPhone 7 and packed to the rim with hardware and software innovation. The Google Pixel phone is bland in comparison and so bloody expensive.

Maybe you’re shouting at me as they come with free video and photo backups at full resolution. It’s not free really as the cost clearly has been built into the price of the phone!

In fact, I am so unimpressed by this phone from Google, words fail me!


3 thoughts on “Google Pixel Phone – Only £819 for 128gb and no OIS – My Thoughts (I’ll try and be polite)

  1. I am also very unimpressed. I have waited for this day for months. It was such a disappointment to say the least. I can’t imagine many will purchase these phones. Google, what have you done!


  2. 24 hour customer support? Superb build quality? Large battery in the XL variant?

    I agree too expensive. But unlike Apple we know the Google phone will get cheaper after the first few months.

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