Items in the Review Process – Plus Special Offer

There are a number of devices/gadgets currently undergoing the review process. These include the following –

LG G5 BCK-5100 Hybrid Battery Charger & Portable Battery – Now available from Clove Technology

LG 360 VR – Now available from Clove Technology

LG 360 Cam – Now available from Clove Technology

Piper NV Smart Security System – Details and available from Amazon

Other items expected soon which will be reviewed include the remaining LG G5 Friends – LG Cam Plus, HiFi DAC, LG Rolling Bot and the LG Tone Platinum. – Full details – LG G5 Friends

Special Offer – I bought yesterday a 4 pack of USB Type C cables with different sizes. (1 x 10cm cable,2 x 100cm cable, 1 x 200cm cable) Tested and certified to USB Type-C standards and with the 56k ohm resistor. Available at Clove

None of the Clove Technology links are affiliate referral links. I just like using them and have done for many years. It is really good to see that they have stock of the latest devices and gadgets, so do have a look at all their other items 🙂

There are a few other items/phones/audio/gadgets undergoing the review process too 🙂

And don’t forget if you’re buying anything on Amazon, use the link below. Helps Gavin’s Gadgets towards the site running costs and at no extra cost to yourself!


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