LG 360 Cam – Watch my 360 VR video and photo footage

I have been testing the LG 360 Cam which is one of the LG G5 Friends. I got my LG 360 Cam from Clove Technology who have this in stock as this post goes live.

I have been using the LG 360 Cam along with the LG 360 VR. The experience is far better than I had expected. The LG 360 Cam has many features which will be covered off in my review. For this post I will show you a 180 degree photo below.

Just for info the LG 360 Cam can be used with other Android devices and the iphone and iPad.


The real gem comes with snapping 360 photos and videos. I will be sharing the 360 degrees photos and more videos in my main review, so for today see a 360 VR 40 second video of my local village – Princetown, Dartmoor. You will need VR glasses to view this back or something similar like LG 360 VR, Samsung Gear VR or even Google Cardboard. The other option is using a compatible browser and the latest YouTube apps on iOS and Android. If you have a Windows Phone its lol unlucky.

The LG G5 allows you to split the screen during playback and have the front camera playing on the left and the rear on the other side of the screen. This looks rather neat.

And don’t forget if you’re interested in any of the LG G5 Friends or any of smartphone or accessory head over to Clove Technology.

5 thoughts on “LG 360 Cam – Watch my 360 VR video and photo footage

  1. Hi,
    I’m unable to watch my 360 Videos with LG 360 Cam Manager app, both in mobile as well as in my Laptop. Please help.me with this.


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