Fenix – One of the Best Android Twitter apps has reached its token limit

Via Fenix –

It is a sad day for another brilliant twitter app, Fenix. For me this twitter app is as good as Tweetbot on iOS.

Twitter has implemented rules that prevent new Twitter apps having more than 100,000 users/tokens. Only a few older apps have a higher limit, normally 200,000. Fenix has reached the 100,000 limit meaning nobody else can download and login to Twitter via the app. Consequently, the developer of Fenix has now removed the app from the Google Play Store.

So are there any options? The developer can ask Twitter for extra tokens, although Twitter is unlikely to comply. The developer can create a new Twitter app which everyone will have to buy again. But the biggest worry now is what incentive does the developer of Fenix have to carry on updating his app.

Lets hope a solution can be found.

Source – Fenix, +Kevwright (Twitter)

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