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Items in the Review Process – Plus Special Offer

There are a number of devices/gadgets currently undergoing the review process. These include the following –

LG G5 BCK-5100 Hybrid Battery Charger & Portable Battery – Now available from Clove Technology

LG 360 VR – Now available from Clove Technology

LG 360 Cam – Now available from Clove Technology

Piper NV Smart Security System – Details and available from Amazon

Other items expected soon which will be reviewed include the remaining LG G5 Friends – LG Cam Plus, HiFi DAC, LG Rolling Bot and the LG Tone Platinum. – Full details – LG G5 Friends

Special Offer – I bought yesterday a 4 pack of USB Type C cables with different sizes. (1 x 10cm cable,2 x 100cm cable, 1 x 200cm cable) Tested and certified to USB Type-C standards and with the 56k ohm resistor. Available at Clove

None of the Clove Technology links are affiliate referral links. I just like using them and have done for many years. It is really good to see that they have stock of the latest devices and gadgets, so do have a look at all their other items πŸ™‚

There are a few other items/phones/audio/gadgets undergoing the review process too πŸ™‚

And don’t forget if you’re buying anything on Amazon, use the link below. Helps Gavin’s Gadgets towards the site running costs and at no extra cost to yourself!


LG V10 – Update


As mentioned in many other posts, I was going to be using the LG V10 is a camera shootout with the iPhone 6S Plus and Asus Zenfone Zoom.

Well the LG V10 should have arrived days ago but it didn’t thanks to the folks at UPS and the poor security controls. This is what the tracking information says –

Merchandise is missing, UPS will notify the sender with additional details, all merchandise missing, empty carton was discarded. UPS will notify the sender with details of the damage.

However, all is not lost thanks to the folks at Clove Technology who have come to the rescue. So in a day or so I should be able to start firing up a LG V10, reviewing and comparing it as promised.

My main review for the Asus Zenfone Zoom will be finished and go live on Monday.

Mipow Playbulb – a Bluetooth Lightbulb – with built in loudspeaker


Clove Technology are now selling the MiPow Playbulb for Β£49.99 each.

The MiPow PLAYBULB is a Smart Bluetooth LED Speaker. You can turn the light on and off, dim it gradually, and as it uses LED’s is energy efficient.

It fits most E27 sockets and with an adapter now fits bayonet fittings.

The PLAYBULB is also a Bluetooth speaker using the latest Bluetooth 4.0. So now you can listen to your favourite podcasts like Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast and hear the voices from high above from your ceiling light fitting.

You can control the PLAYBULB through the dedicated app (available on both the App store & Google Play). Once it’s paired with your smartphone lighting and music are under your control, the unique interface of the app will let you adjust the LED brightness of the light, turn on/off the light and will let you control the volume and of course control the playback of your preferred music.

More advanced settings include four functional buttons, wake up, energy saving, night mode and sleep mode. You can set the time to turn on/off the light and play music automatically in the morning and just before you lay your head. With this app the PLAYBULB becomes intelligent; it will add fun and utility to your day whilst improving the quality of your life.

I should be receiving one of these very soon, so will add any further reports on usage.