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Checking out the portrait mode on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus – tips and tricks

With the release of iOS 10.1, along came portrait mode beta for everyone to use and take great photos. 

Roses #iPhone7Plus #PortraitMode

However, as amazing as the photos are it is worth paying attention to a few aspects of your scene when you take the photo. 

If you want to see any of these photos full size, remember you can click on them, select full size or original and pixel peep to your hearts content. 

With the roses, if you look closely enough around the edges you will see some of the blurring is uneven. 

That Tree Trunk #iPhone7Plus #PortraitMode

Looking at the tree trunk the edges when zoomed in reveal the same issues. Portrait mode works better when there is a defined edge and not bits of hair. 

Through the Cross #iPhone7Plus #PortraitMode

If you look at the crosses the portrait effect works quite well. The shot that worked better out of the two cross shots had less strong light interfering with the scene. The sun was the culprit. 

Religious Ground #iPhone7Plus #PortraitMode

I really like the shot above and the first shot with the roses. 

Signs of Life #iPhone7Plus #PortraitMode

When you look at the shot above and below, having a defined edge helps improve the final result. 

Arrangements #iPhone7Plus #PortraitMode

You will also see that there is good lighting. It was ultra bright but just decent daylight. Once it gets too dim, portrait mode will struggle. 

Ultimately the portrait mode allows for some super bokeh photos to simulate a DSLR camera!


Huawei P9 – Blue & Monochrome Balls

An unusual piece of art in Bristol, so it was time to see what the Huawei P9 camera made of these blue balls.

To view the full size click on each photo. Great blue balls colours. Very true to life.

Blue Balls

It is always very tempting to shoot using the monochrome lens. So below is the shot. Love this type of shot.

Blue Balls

This time using the refocusing mode on the balls.

Blue Balls

The more I use the Huawei P9 camera the more I like its photo accuracy. The P9 camera has weaknesses which I will cover off in more depth, but it is not as rubbish as I had imagined.

LG G4 – Shoot like a Pro in Manual Mode – some tips and examples

Burrator Reservoir and Waterfall #LGG4

Above shot Burrator Reservoir, auto mode on the LG G4.

But what about taking a pic of the waterfall at Burrator Reservoir? Well, using the LG G4 manual mode and a longer exposure, you can get these types of shots.

Burrator Reservoir and Waterfall #LGG4 #ManualMode

This was shot with a shutter speed of 1/8s.

And let’s crop in a bit further.

Burrator Reservoir and Waterfall #LGG4

Again, shutter speed at 1/8s.

Now the only difficulty with these photos was the time of day I took these and the fact it was a very sunny bright day. To capture these shots with the sun in full swing, you need to trick the G4 camera and cover the lens with a ND filter. You will also need a tripod and something to attach the G4 to the tripod. I use the ShoulderPod S1 – All In One Smartphone Photography Grip & Stand

If you click on the Shoulderpod S1 text it takes you to Amazon so you can read more about this phone mount. It is the best smartphone mount I have used for my iphone, Note 4, G4 and all other phones. I mentioned you will need a Neutral Density Filter (ND). These are not readily available for smartphones, so one has to be a little creative. I used the filter that I had for my DSLR and carefully covered it across the back of the rear camera. In an ideal world, this should be secured properly.

And now with the above items, you will be able to take shots like a pro!