Huawei P9 – Blue & Monochrome Balls

An unusual piece of art in Bristol, so it was time to see what the Huawei P9 camera made of these blue balls.

To view the full size click on each photo. Great blue balls colours. Very true to life.

Blue Balls

It is always very tempting to shoot using the monochrome lens. So below is the shot. Love this type of shot.

Blue Balls

This time using the refocusing mode on the balls.

Blue Balls

The more I use the Huawei P9 camera the more I like its photo accuracy. The P9 camera has weaknesses which I will cover off in more depth, but it is not as rubbish as I had imagined.


11 thoughts on “Huawei P9 – Blue & Monochrome Balls

  1. With S7, LG G5 or other, if you apply a monochrome filter, there is huge difference with the Huawei P9 …. ?


  2. There seems to be so much divided opinion about the camera on this phone..I was so tempted, as I was a big fan of the Honor7, but managed to hold off. I am looking forward to your review!

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    1. It does some things better than others and some not so well.

      Helps if what matters to you falls into the first category.


    2. Like a lot of phones being released at the moment, they all have strengths and weaknesses. So the question should be , what do I photograph the most, or what do I want it to do.

      In an ideal world I would combined the S7, G5, P9 and HTC 10. I would take the best attributes from each and create the perfect smartphone camera . But no manufacturer will build this as they then won’t be able to sell you another phone !


  3. Would be great if you could detail more on how the refocusing ball shot is achieved. Is there a special mode one has to use? Does the camera take a single shot from both rear cameras simultaneously? etc. The S7 refocusing mode works by capturing one closer focused shot, followed by an infinite focus shot in quick succession. To be most effective subject has to be closer to the phone camera and the subject has to be still.


    1. In photo mode tap the on screen refocus icon. Afterwards you can edit as many times as you like and save a new version with a focus point anywhere on the photo and with the f stop altered too. The S7 selective focus only has 3 options. The P9 has as many as you can dream of.

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