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Shot on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus – My Favourite Sunset Shot

Since iOS 10 opened up native RAW support, the iPhone just became far more flexible. Shot on the iPhone 7 Plus in raw, using the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app, and edited with the app too.

Cracking Colours at Sunset

The sun was near perfect at sunset on Dartmoor. The natural colours were wonderful.

Cracking colours at sunset #dartmoor

Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Using Third Party Camera Apps

One of the perks of using iOS is the range of third party apps, and the speed at which many get updated to work with the new iPhone 7.

So for this post, I am looking at two apps. Procam 4 and Adobe Lightroom. Procam 4 has been updated to support both the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus. There are tons of options on Procam 4, but for today I am looking at the new 3D Mode.

Stone on a Fence #3D Mode #ProCam4 #iphone7plus

Using the 3D Mode is similar to the Portrait mode on Apple’s on camera app, except it can saved as a GIF, a JPEG + GIF or VIDEO + GIF. It is more suited for people but it worked fine with a stone on a fence.

The next 2 photos were both shot in raw, using ProCam 4.

Power On #iphone7plus #raw #lightroom #procam4

Vacated #iphone7plus #telephoto #raw

In terms of editing raw photos, Procam 4 does offer basic editing options. A free option is snapseed app. However, from my time with Adobe Lightroom for iOS, its raw editing options are the best. After my 30 day trial finishes, it will cost my just over £8 a month if I want to carry on using it. This will give me access to Adobe Lightroom on all my devices along with cloud sync.

The raw images from the iPhone 7 Plus do allow for some superb editing.

In terms of video, Filmic Pro just got updated to support the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and the results using this app are superb too. Unfortunately, with the loss of the headphone jack, I am having to use the lightning adaptor to 3.5mm to plus my Rode Mic into, meaning I am unable to charge my iPhone whilst shooting video, unless I buy the Belkin audio adaptor for £34.99. Hmmmm.

Huawei P9 – The latest shots from the Camera – Shooting with the Sun and RAW

Once again I went out with the Huawei P9 and took some more photos. I have add some comments after each shot. Also don’t forget to click on each photo to view full size.

Tomorrow I will be publishing the Huawei P9 review.

Huawei P9 - Auto mode - Visitor Centre Princetown

Huawei P9 - Shot with monochrome lens - Visitor Centre Princetown

Above are shots of the National Park Visitor Centre. First auto and then in monochrome. The sun was at an awkward angle just above the building i.e. I was partially shooting at the sun. Shots were both ok considering that.

Huawei P9 - Auto - church

Huawei P9 - Shot with monochrome lens - church

Same issue with both of these shots in that the sun was in the wrong place. But again reasonable shots from the P9.

Huawei P9 - Church

The church is well captured here. There is something really appealing about the photos from the P9. They look so life like.

Huawei P9 - Leaves - monochrome lens

Shot in monochrome and into the sun. I like this photo.

Huawei P9 - Leaves - Shot in Pro mode - raw processed in Adobe Photoshop Express

So the same view but in Pro mode and the above photo is the taken from the raw image which was post processed on the phone using Adobe Photoshop Express. I have noticed that the raw image files possess huge dynamic range.

Huawei P9 - Fanta - Shot in Pro mode - raw processed in Adobe Photoshop Express

Another Pro mode shot and using raw. Post processed in the same method as above. Here I made the image more vivid. Using raw images on the P9 really helps sometimes.

So there you have it, some more shots with the sun in awkward places and some taken in raw. Tomorrow I will have my main review covering all the other aspects of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Shooting in RAW – Editorial

This is my final part of the S7 Edge camera review. In this part I will cover off using the Pro Mode and RAW images. 

The above shot is full auto with HDR activated. I then took the same shot in the Pro mode and extracted the RAW image into Adobe Lightroom on my Mac to see whether the RAW image could be improved. After a few quick edits and conversion to a jpeg I achieved the shot below. 

Is this better than full auto. Not sure to be honest. What do you think?

I then tried using 3 raw images with 3 different EV exposures. -2, 0 and +2. The aim to combine them in Lightroom using the HDR option. Sadly, Lightroom would not perform this merge as it produced an error message data not available in images to perform HDR merge. 

My next option was using another Mac app, Photomatix 5 HDR. For this I combined 3 raw images with different exposures. This was a non runner as the boat name running along the edge was not aligned. This was despite the S7 Edge being on a tripod. This was very disappointing as this app produces amazing images. 

So was the effort of shooting in raw worth it? No in my opinion. Just use a normal jpeg and edit in snapseed or similar and create this shot below. 

So at the moment I cannot see any benefit in using RAW with this Phone. 

On Monday, my full review of the S7 Edge will be live. This will include by audio findings and my view of the S7 Edge “experience”. 

Snapseed gets one huge update – details

The free photo editing app, just got seriously a lot better again.

Today is a big day for Snapseed users! Snapseed 2.1 brings RAW photo editing to your Android device.

Traditionally, shooting and editing RAW photos has been the domain of DSLR cameras and desktop software. But with the RAW capabilities that were added to Android 5 last year, RAW is now becoming important for mobile photography, too.

Snapseed now allows you to edit those RAW photos in the DNG file format right on your mobile device. You can also edit DNGs that were shot on cameras or converted from other RAW formats.

A photo in RAW format preserves all of the original data that was captured by the camera. This allows you to perform edits – such as recovering blown-out highlights – that are impossible with the more commonly used JPEG format. Check out the photos for an example of the details that RAW editing with Snapseed 2.1 can bring out in an image.

In addition to RAW editing, we have made some slight polishes throughout the app to make it easier to navigate, so give it a try!

This is a great update and hopefully arrives soon on other platforms.

Source – +Anton Daubert G+

LG G4 – RAW photo post processed in Lightroom 6

Just a quick photo I took in my village this morning. I used the default LG G4 camera app in manual mode, shot in RAW and post processed it Adobe Lightroom 6. I am still learning how to use Lightroom 6, but even using some of the basics features, it truly is incredible what can be achieved with your photos.

Of course, it does help having a phone like the LG G4 that takes such amazing shots!

To see full size version, click on shot.

National Park Visitor Centre, Princetown #LGG4 #Creative