Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Using Third Party Camera Apps

One of the perks of using iOS is the range of third party apps, and the speed at which many get updated to work with the new iPhone 7.

So for this post, I am looking at two apps. Procam 4 and Adobe Lightroom. Procam 4 has been updated to support both the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus. There are tons of options on Procam 4, but for today I am looking at the new 3D Mode.

Stone on a Fence #3D Mode #ProCam4 #iphone7plus

Using the 3D Mode is similar to the Portrait mode on Apple’s on camera app, except it can saved as a GIF, a JPEG + GIF or VIDEO + GIF. It is more suited for people but it worked fine with a stone on a fence.

The next 2 photos were both shot in raw, using ProCam 4.

Power On #iphone7plus #raw #lightroom #procam4

Vacated #iphone7plus #telephoto #raw

In terms of editing raw photos, Procam 4 does offer basic editing options. A free option is snapseed app. However, from my time with Adobe Lightroom for iOS, its raw editing options are the best. After my 30 day trial finishes, it will cost my just over £8 a month if I want to carry on using it. This will give me access to Adobe Lightroom on all my devices along with cloud sync.

The raw images from the iPhone 7 Plus do allow for some superb editing.

In terms of video, Filmic Pro just got updated to support the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and the results using this app are superb too. Unfortunately, with the loss of the headphone jack, I am having to use the lightning adaptor to 3.5mm to plus my Rode Mic into, meaning I am unable to charge my iPhone whilst shooting video, unless I buy the Belkin audio adaptor for £34.99. Hmmmm.


1 thought on “Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Using Third Party Camera Apps

  1. So if you want to listen to music on your expensive wired headphones and charge at the same time, you need the Belkin audio adapter for £34.99 plus the lightning to 3.5mm adapter supplied by Apple. You have to plug the Belkin adapter into the phone, then plug the Apple adapter into the Belkin and your charging cable into the other socket on the Belkin. Sounds complicated and means you have to carry round an extra two adapters. Think I’ll stick with my Samsung.

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