Honor 8 – First Shots from the Dual Lens Camera!!

Honor 8 hardware

My Honor 8 smartphone arrived yesterday in sapphire blue. After I have spent some more time testing it, I will publish my review, but I will just say this for now, it is an incredible stunning piece of hardware. In the flesh it just screams premium and quality and makes me wonder why anyone would buy anything else based on looks alone. The Honor 8 packs a ton of decent hardware specs and many neat software extras, all of which I will cover off in more depth in my main review.

In the meantime, these are the first photos from the camera.

Delicious Healthy Food #Honor8

The above shot is taken in wide aperture mode. With wide aperture mode, you can set the focus point and change the f stop. This adjusts the bokeh. Once you have snapped the photo, you can re edit the focus point and f stop.

Delicious Healthy Food #Honor8

If you want your food to pop, then use Good Food mode.

Church of St Michael & All Angels - Spooked #Honor8

Auto mode and using an inbuilt filter. It really was that foggy!

Dartmeet - Long Exposure #Honor8

The Honor 8 has lots of different camera modes, making it a competent shooter. This is one of the light painting modes, called Silky Water. This makes light work of creating silky water.

Bellever Tor, Dartmoor #honor8

Road to Bellever Tor, shot in auto. I love the colour accuracy of this shot.

It's Cows grazing in the morning sun #Honor8

Shot directly in to the sun. In auto and a great result.

Taunton Station #Honor8

Another auto shot. Again I am really pleased with the result.

So what do you think of these photos?

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3 thoughts on “Honor 8 – First Shots from the Dual Lens Camera!!

  1. Really like the result from the wide aperture mode where it defocuses the background. Normally when a phone uses this technique you can see the “lines” where the software has defocused the image, but the one you posted looks very smooth.

    All the other pics are pretty impressive too.

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