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Camera shootout – Samsung Note 3 vs iPhone 5S

And the winner is neither.

I own both these phones and use them extensively to take photos.

Below is a brief overview of each and what you should expect.

Speed – From startup to capturing the moment goes to the iPhone 5S. And then the 5S burst mode of 10 photos per second at full resolution all the way up to 999 photos as a burst is out of this world. I’ve tried it and it works. It does take a while longer than normal to analyse 999 photos and give you the best but it’s still quick.  Meanwhile the Note 3 only takes 20 shots on burst but it’s very quick once it starts. From holding the shutter button down seems to have a delay of 1- 2 seconds before the burst mode starts.

Panoramic – this goes to the 5S as it auto adjusts exposure as you pan. But both are good at this mode. And both can take some fantastic shots. With the Note 3 be sure to hold phone vertically to get a real large photo.

Low light or indoors – this is a close draw. Both have strengths and weaknesses here. The Note 3 uses the flash more often whereas the 5S tries to avoid using the flash. On scenic non moving night shots the Note 3 using a tripod will outperform the 5S.

Good light – both take excellent photos. The 5S has an uncanny way of making sure the photos are very natural in their colour reproduction. But the Note 3 has higher mega pixel lens. And it shows. I actually prefer the Note 3 results slightly.

Macro – a close match. But the Note 3 wins. It’s one of its strengths.

Software – the 5S is limited and is really a “just press the shutter” whereas the Note 3 has comprehensive options. Depending on your needs depends on your winner.

Overall I prefer the Note 3 photos but I do miss that speed to first shot that the 5S achieves.

My next smartphone dilemma

I have 2 phones at present. The iPhone 5S and Moto G.

The 5S is beautifully made. It takes great photos with zero effort. Just press the shutter button. It has fantastic audio quality and is married with great software and a smashing Eco system.

The Moto G is a low priced android phone. It does everything really well with an average camera and audio quality.

And yet both phones annoy me. The Moto G doesn’t look or feel special (it’s not meant to be either), the camera and audio are not at the level I’ve witnessed in other phones. The 5S is near perfect except I am having battery life issues and a few random reboots. I would like it to have a bigger screen but that is not the end of the world. In fact, the 5S is near perfection. Except it is so good, it has become so boring.

So what do I get next? At the moment I’m not convinced there is anything that offers anything better. Other options are similar but not better. So what would you recommend? I am leaning towards a Note 3 again.

You decide – which camera took which photo – iPhone 5S vs Moto G

2 different phones and 2 extremes of pricing. I was recommended to try “A Better Camera” app on android by Mike Paterson who commented yesterday on the home screens post, so as the app was on offer I gave it ago using the Moto G vs the iPhone 5S.

Now, before anyone says the Moto G is nowhere as good as a camera as that found on the iPhone 5S, it’s not but with the right app and if necessary some post processing anything is nearly possible. However, to be fair, the below shots are unedited. So, is the top shot the iPhone 5S or Moto G?

Happy commenting :). I will reveal answer after 6pm UK time.

Answer – top is Moto G and bottom iPhone 5S.


Why I hate my iPhone 5S but love my Moto G when it comes to battery life

This isn’t an android vs Apple post, so if you comment like it is be warned I will delete your comment 🙂

This is merely highlighting a major frustration I have with the iPhone 5S. I am a power user. I now have 245 apps installed on my iPhone which is a reduced number, as following my last post on this, I looked at the number of apps using notifications and background services and removed at least one third.

And no matter what I try and do, I need a charger around 1pm otherwise by 3pm it will be flat. Not an issue if near a charging point, but it seems pointless having a smartphone that can’t last 24 hours. Not that smart really! The only consolation is the iPhone 5S charges really really fast.

Turning to the Moto G, it lasts a full 36 hours or more. And this is just bliss. In fact, I have managed to get 3 days out of one battery charge. Take yesterday for example, the battery level has only dropped 18% from 7am to 11pm on the Moto G.

I don’t want bigger, better cameras and screens, I want phones that last 3 days on one charge. Maybe a phone with light cells built in to the fabric/shell that recharge it. Battery technology really needs to leap forward to keep up with mobile demand usage.

How to crash your iPhone 5S and iPad Air

Both the iPad Air and iPhone 5S and Apple’s latest devices and both are so easy to crash. In fact, I have never seen Apple hardware suffer this much. Even iTunes on the mac running mavericks keeps quitting unexpectedly.

So how do you get the iPad Air and iPhone 5S to crash and cause a reboot all by itself. Start using either device. Open and close all the apps or games that you would normally use. Now double tap the home button to launch into the multitasking mode and jump to another app. Now do the same thing again. After repeating this a few times you will get your iPad Air or iPhone 5S to soft reset all by itself.

I haven’t lost any data when this happens and it only takes about 5-10 seconds to reboot back to life. It has happened once on my iPad Air yesterday and happens at least once a day on my iPhone 5S. I would hope a software update for iOS 7 will fix this annoying bug.

So have you been affected by this too?

iPhone 5S – One Month later review

Just a short piece on my thoughts on my iPhone 5S one month later. Just to recap I had spent 6-7 months using Android and Windows Phone devices and a wide selection. So here I am back full circle to the latest iPhone and iOS.

The 5S is a fast phone, great for anything one handed and is enhanced by my huge and I mean huge app and game selection. In fact, my iOS app collection is stronger than android and leaps ahead of Windows Phone options. Having such a strong selection means I can do more or play more varied games. And it is the apps and games where I realise I have found the pleasure again in using an iPhone.

iOS 7 plugs many of the gaps that were needed on iOS and then adds to making the iPhone experience second to none. The camera whilst only 8mp on paper takes some really incredible photos, and with just one touch. No fiddly settings. The battery life is better than that of my previous 5. The audio quality is considerable improved over the 5. IMO its the best Apple device for music quality. Touch ID means I always have a locked secure phone.

And using the Apple Eco system is a simple affair. What was amazing is not only is iCloud Backup the best solution on any platform, it happens automatically. It was great to restore my phone, and pull back all app data and game data. No need to replay games to my last position. That was great. And the last time I had an iPhone was 6 months ago.

Accessories. The 5S and my Sony QX10/100 lenses fit really comfortably on the phone. WeMo and Netatmo hardware all integrate nicely on the iPhone 5S. The M7 motion processor is tracking my movement without using battery. Neat.

Out of any phone, the 5S represents a smooth, hassle free experience over any current phone. Well nearly. iOS 7 has a few bugs. The 5S has reset itself a few times over the last month. Nothing serious and back in action 15 seconds later but not what I would have expected. I am not sure if it is iOS 7 or third party apps not fully updated. But as I install the iOS7 updates, the 5S becomes more useful and smooth.

And yet, despite having the perfect and best phone experience to data, the bloody Samsung Note 3 keeps calling me…..

But I can resist 🙂

Photo comparison of the Sony QX10/100 with the iPhone 5S


I was asked the other day if I could show photos of the Sony QX10 and QX100 attached to the iPhone 5S so that their sizes could be compared. So below are some photos with the lenses attached to the iPhone 5S. To recap on my reviews of both and other posts click here https://gavinsgadgets.wordpress.com/?s=sony+qx&submit=Search .

First up is the Sony QX10 in white with the iPhone 5S. Front and side views.
And now side view.

And now for the QX100. Clearly larger too.
And the side view.

Whilst the photos depict the lenses with the iPhone 5S, these also work on other iPhones and android devices. And if you have the Sony Xperia Z or Z1, you can buy a special Sony back case that allows the clamp section to be removed from the lens, and then attached directly to the case. Pic of case ACX2 below.

One incredible specification not declared by Apple about the iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S looks identical to the iPhone 5. It only has a beefier 64bit processor and M7 co-processor, Touch ID and an improved camera to start off with. But it also has something else that wipes the floor with the 5 and older 4S/4 iPhones.

The iPhone 5S has a new audio codec and class D amplifier by Cirrus Logic. This incorporates the digital to audio conversion of the MP3 tracks and then powering your headphones or the inbuilt speaker.

The difference in sound quality is night and day with superb range, dynamics, punch, separation and clarify.

Is the iPhone 5C selling more than than the 5S?

Since last week there are stories in the press saying the 5S is selling 4 to 1 against the 5C. Then another said it was 50/50. Another even said the 5C was selling more than the 5S.

In the course of a year, I would imagine the 5C to sell more than the 5S, as colours are playful and trendy and not everybody is bothered about the specification.

And to be honest, I could not care less which iPhone version sells more or less. But what I do admire, is the fact that Apple has been able to take last year’s 5, stick it in a new colour body made of polycarbonate, skin which also costs less to manufacture, and sell millions.

Now that is clever stuff.

So what are your predictions for the sales of the 5C versus 5S?