iPhone 5S – One Month later review

Just a short piece on my thoughts on my iPhone 5S one month later. Just to recap I had spent 6-7 months using Android and Windows Phone devices and a wide selection. So here I am back full circle to the latest iPhone and iOS.

The 5S is a fast phone, great for anything one handed and is enhanced by my huge and I mean huge app and game selection. In fact, my iOS app collection is stronger than android and leaps ahead of Windows Phone options. Having such a strong selection means I can do more or play more varied games. And it is the apps and games where I realise I have found the pleasure again in using an iPhone.

iOS 7 plugs many of the gaps that were needed on iOS and then adds to making the iPhone experience second to none. The camera whilst only 8mp on paper takes some really incredible photos, and with just one touch. No fiddly settings. The battery life is better than that of my previous 5. The audio quality is considerable improved over the 5. IMO its the best Apple device for music quality. Touch ID means I always have a locked secure phone.

And using the Apple Eco system is a simple affair. What was amazing is not only is iCloud Backup the best solution on any platform, it happens automatically. It was great to restore my phone, and pull back all app data and game data. No need to replay games to my last position. That was great. And the last time I had an iPhone was 6 months ago.

Accessories. The 5S and my Sony QX10/100 lenses fit really comfortably on the phone. WeMo and Netatmo hardware all integrate nicely on the iPhone 5S. The M7 motion processor is tracking my movement without using battery. Neat.

Out of any phone, the 5S represents a smooth, hassle free experience over any current phone. Well nearly. iOS 7 has a few bugs. The 5S has reset itself a few times over the last month. Nothing serious and back in action 15 seconds later but not what I would have expected. I am not sure if it is iOS 7 or third party apps not fully updated. But as I install the iOS7 updates, the 5S becomes more useful and smooth.

And yet, despite having the perfect and best phone experience to data, the bloody Samsung Note 3 keeps calling me…..

But I can resist 🙂

5 thoughts on “iPhone 5S – One Month later review

  1. I actually got a Note 3 and loved it the first days. But then as always the lag that always is present in Android got me mad. This superphone and it still cant run Android lagfree. I know it is a Android limitation but it still is bad. And the size is always a problem. I had the Note, Note 2 and Note 3 and always love them at first but then the size and other things get too much to handle. So I let it go after one week and is back to my one handed iPhone 5 and it feels good again 🙂

    Now I am waiting for 5s to be released in Sweden


  2. There have been thee firmware upgrades for the Note 3 in the last 10 days and now it is even faster and battery life has iimproved again. I am not sure why the lag issues are, perhaps this is to do with games but a I don’t play games I wouldn’t know. The Note is a stylus device and if the Note taking features do not play a significant role in your daily use you should look elsewhere for a powerful large screen device. All large screen devices suffer from poor one handed use.


  3. I don’t think Android has to lag. I’ve had an HTC One for just over a month now and I’ve never experienced a single slowdown. It is really fast all the time. Maybe there is some bloatware on the Samsung?


    1. Yeah the Note is full of Samsung junk but happily most of it can be disabled. But overall I still think my old HTC One felt better though I ran Nova launcher on them both. But the e-fuse crap and region sim lock got my angry also. Samsung is becoming even worse than Apple. And the size is the biggest problem, 98% of the time it is no problem. But the 2% when the size is to its disadvantage is the % that gonna make you wish you had a phone that can be used with one hand and for the third time for me it makes me leave the Note. Loved it for the most of time but I should have learned my lesson now to not be tempted to get another gigantic sized smartphone again 🙂


  4. Android has an extra layer between it and it’s core (Java Virtual Machine). It will always ‘lag’ until they remove that layer, which would be a huge revamp.


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