Why I hate my iPhone 5S but love my Moto G when it comes to battery life

This isn’t an android vs Apple post, so if you comment like it is be warned I will delete your comment 🙂

This is merely highlighting a major frustration I have with the iPhone 5S. I am a power user. I now have 245 apps installed on my iPhone which is a reduced number, as following my last post on this, I looked at the number of apps using notifications and background services and removed at least one third.

And no matter what I try and do, I need a charger around 1pm otherwise by 3pm it will be flat. Not an issue if near a charging point, but it seems pointless having a smartphone that can’t last 24 hours. Not that smart really! The only consolation is the iPhone 5S charges really really fast.

Turning to the Moto G, it lasts a full 36 hours or more. And this is just bliss. In fact, I have managed to get 3 days out of one battery charge. Take yesterday for example, the battery level has only dropped 18% from 7am to 11pm on the Moto G.

I don’t want bigger, better cameras and screens, I want phones that last 3 days on one charge. Maybe a phone with light cells built in to the fabric/shell that recharge it. Battery technology really needs to leap forward to keep up with mobile demand usage.

18 thoughts on “Why I hate my iPhone 5S but love my Moto G when it comes to battery life

  1. Light cells are no use in GB. We need waterproof phones that can capture rain water, release the hydrogen and use that for power.

    The person or company that invents a battery which can power a smartphone for days or weeks is going to get very rich. I’ve thought about it but sadly am out of ideas.


      1. My Note 3 lasts all day with no issues. But needed to switch to a battery made by Anker which is much better than my original Samsung battery. The Note 3 is a seriously powerful device with a big screen. The Samsung S4 recently won best smartphone at battery management. My Z Ultra has a battery stamina mode, a design feature.


      2. All those phones have bigger battery capacities and bigger physical footprints which allow for a bigger physical battery so I would be shocked if they couldn’t last longer.

        Sony’s stamina mode is a great tool. Used it myself with the Z1.


    1. No. The Moto G has less overall apps installed mainly as it only has 5gb free memory available. But it does have many background services.

      Most of my extra apps on the iPhone are games. And my recent trimming of apps on the iPhone did try and curb those that use notifications and background services.


  2. Gavin, i think the clue may be in what you say about high speced devices. The Moto G has sufficient spec for most people and even a two day battery life would be good for most people. In business you must be able to get a day from one charge as you don’t want to spend time worrying about battery levels. My Mac Book Air lasts 10 hours easily, this is the benchmark for laptops for me. The more useful a tool the more it will get used and therefore battery life is a critical design consideration. I still believe Apple should design their phones in a different way as all my 4 fellow Directors with iPhones are always without charge and 1 in 4 times when I try to contact them they have battery issues. Not great when you are trying to run a agile and customer centric business.


  3. Well, I hate my Moto G. Everyone says it’s so brilliant so what I say probably applies to all budget smartphones. In my opinion the technology sucks. It’s basically a tablet that’s too small to use effectively. It’s packed with ‘features’ but doesn’t do the basics of a mobile phone all that well.

    Specifically, my gripes are these:

    1. Battery life of roughly a day and needs 2 hours+ to charge. My old Nokia, which did the job, lasted all week on one charge. The Moto G comes with just a USB cable for charging. So unless I’m prepared to lug a computer around with me when I’m away from home for 24 hours or more (or there happens to be one where I’m at, which is not always likely) then I’m fucked.

    2. The onscreen keyboard is far too small for my fat fingers. Texting is a nightmare. With the Nokia I could knock out a text in the dark with my eyes closed in a matter of seconds. It takes an age on the Moto G. If anyone knows how to make the keyboard a usable size, please let me know.

    So, in other words, it’s not handy and it’s not really mobile. And if I want to browse for porn sites, I’ll do that on my laptop, so what’s the use of it?


    1. Nick, most smartphones of which the Moto G is classed as, will never last as long as your old Nokia. Battery tech hasn’t caught up with the rest of the specs. I agree it iss poor that only a usb cable was included, but that apparently was a cost cutting aspect to keep the price down. However, it is possible to get a usb UK adapter plug fairly easily. Keyboard. I can’t recall if there was T9 text input as an option, but there are replacement keyboards that will do this on the Google Play store. I gave my Moto to a friend, hence why I can’t check. It would show up in the settings for the keyboard if available.

      Maybe, somebody still with their Moto G can respond here.

      Ultimately, it sounds like this phone isn’t for you,, which is fair enough. As an android phone the price point vs the tech included does make it cheaper than most of the competition. But if you still prefer a week plus battery life, its probably best getting something similar to what you had previously.


      1. Thanks Gavin, that’s helpful. Will get a UK adaptor and keyboard app as suggested. Probably grow to like it in time…


  4. Have to defend the Moto G here. I was using a Nokia 1020 for 6 months or so but got fed up with MS services (was having issues with mail and one drive sync) so bought a motoG as a stop gap while selling my 1020 on PSC forum. Plan was to get the money for the 1020 and buy a nexus5 or LGG2 but so far I haven’t felt the need as the G does everything I need very well, doesn’t feel really cheap and I must admit I like not worrying about a case or screen protector as I’m not as worried about damaging it as I am with my usual phones. Battery life is good for me.
    The lack of a charger is a bit annoying and seems to be an increasing trend, wife just bought a Nokia 625 which came without a charger too. Swiftkey on android let’s you increase the key sizes so may help if you struggle with the keyboard. I feel that the standard keyboard looks as though it’s too small to use but actually works well (hopefully there are no major errors in this post).
    Alternative if you want battery life and big keys would be a big phone like a Note3, 1520 or Galaxy Mega if on a budget. Maybe even go back to a Nokia phone type phone (no idea what model but there is a reasonably high spec metal built Nokia t9 type handset) and a tablet if need be.
    Look forward to listening to the podcast on my G later whilst out with the dog.


  5. No t9 option on standard G keyboard. May be one in play store. Not for everybody but as an old palm fan the graffiti app from the play store works well for input on android.


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