My next smartphone dilemma

I have 2 phones at present. The iPhone 5S and Moto G.

The 5S is beautifully made. It takes great photos with zero effort. Just press the shutter button. It has fantastic audio quality and is married with great software and a smashing Eco system.

The Moto G is a low priced android phone. It does everything really well with an average camera and audio quality.

And yet both phones annoy me. The Moto G doesn’t look or feel special (it’s not meant to be either), the camera and audio are not at the level I’ve witnessed in other phones. The 5S is near perfect except I am having battery life issues and a few random reboots. I would like it to have a bigger screen but that is not the end of the world. In fact, the 5S is near perfection. Except it is so good, it has become so boring.

So what do I get next? At the moment I’m not convinced there is anything that offers anything better. Other options are similar but not better. So what would you recommend? I am leaning towards a Note 3 again.

8 thoughts on “My next smartphone dilemma

    1. I’m sure there is and will be 🙂 just not seen it yet.

      I also think buying brand new first day of release phones isn’t wise as normally you need to wait 3 months after the software updates to fix things where possible. Problem is you have no guarantee what will and won’t be fixed.

      The nearest phone I got to perfection was the Sony Z1. Just poor camera results.


      1. Very true on the waiting. This is something I have found now more and part of the reason I end up sticking with one device for longer.

        Maybe carry a decent compact camera is the answer if decent point and shoot images is what you are after?!

        OR wait for Motorola’s project Ara to come to fruition and then you will be able to create your perfect phone.


      2. I was most disappointed with the Z1. I bought both Sony QX10\100 hub lenses, which are excellent , to use with the Z1 and the special case. But that plan never came to fruition.

        I still have the hub lenses though.

        If Sony fix the camera in an update I will order it again.

        Maybe a Note 3. Maybe just wait. Or hold on to a phone more than a month !


  1. Re the Sony Z1 ~ Indeed the phone update that took it to Android 4.2.2 ver 14.1.G.2.257 gave a much better camera, whereas Android 4.3 did nothing special for the camera.
    KitKat ‘supposedly’ will improve but two things spring to mind:-
    1. By the time Sony get round to releasing KitKat we in the UK on Unbranded will then wait a minimum 1 month on top before we get to see it….. By that time everyone will be talking of the Sony Z2.
    2. There’s no proof that KitKat will be great for the Z1 camera.

    What annoys me is the software can be tweaked better. The camera App ‘A Better Camera’ proves this. The Z1 is supposed to be able to take a half-decent night shot using the stock camera App. Yes, it can capture more light than a number of other phone cameras but you still get a great amount of noise.
    However, launch ‘A Better Camera’ instead, select ‘Night’ and ensure ‘Hi-Res’ is switched on and take the same shot…… Even more light is allowed BUT the noise is reduced massively.
    It does this by taking several shots and pushing them altogether to create a much brighter and cleaner shot.

    The only fly in the ointment is again Sony!
    If you use the Z1’s default camera you can select whatever ISO value you wish. However if you opt to use a third-party camera App that supports ISO (Camera FV-5 & A Better Camera to name two), you quickly find you can not select ISO.
    On Camera FV-5 the option is there but it is simply a GUI option. In other words it does not matter if you opt for ISO100 or ISO1600 you still get the same shot. Basically it is ignored.
    With A Better Camera (ABC) the option to turn on ISO on the viewfinder is ‘greyed out. As such you can not select ISO whatsoever.

    The problem as I mentioned is Sony…… They turned off ISO for anyone wishing to use the feature. If you go to the Play Store and download/install the App ‘CameraGetParams’ then run it and look at the log file it creates you will notice any mention of ISO has been omitted.
    This is because Sony does not allow anyone else to use ISO on the Z1.

    So, we have the option of making the camera even better BUT not only is Sony slowwww in updating it’s camera they then make it worse by not allowing anyone else to update various parts which are crucial for a better picture.

    Ask the Devs at ABC and they will quickly let you know whose fault it is.


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