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Apple Pay – What is the maximum amount you can use it for in the UK? – Details

From Day 1, I had always thought that Apple Pay was restricted to £30. The £30 limit is the same restriction applied to bank contactless credit cards, with a maximum of 3 transactions per day.

But Apple Pay has moved on.

Morrisons Supermarket has a £30 limit on the bank contactless credit cards but with Apple Pay there is no limit. I had some unpleasant dental work completed last night, and to my surprise the dentists allowed me to settle my bill using Apple Pay.

So does the £30 limit still apply to Apple Pay. Sadly in some places it still does, so the only way you will find out if your local shops and supermarkets do allow unrestrictive payments is by asking them. What I have found is more and more places have dropped the max £30 requirement and that makes Apple Pay more useful.

And the coolest part of Apple Pay, is using your Apple Watch to pay for the goods.

Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and ABC Pay – Are mobile payments going to get messy? – Editorial

Apple Pay made the first big splash into mobile payment acceptance as a mainstream option. Apple Pay offers a quick and easy way to use your compatible iPhone to make a purchase. When everything works, it is as simple as ABC. And it generally works every time.

It fails to work when the cashier hasn’t pressed a button on the till or the amount due is over £30. Lifting the limit for mobile payments over £30 really needs to happen immediately as its the biggest stumbling block for faster adoption. I don’t know the answer, but if you knew you were going to buy £50 in groceries, is it not possible to split the food into 2 transactions of £25 each, thereby getting around the £30 limit? If this is possible, why bother having the £30 limit in the first place.

The UK does not have Android or Samsung Pay yet. It is due to arrive this year and I am predicting for Samsung it will link up with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung Pay is available in the USA, and in my opinion offers a better solution as the compatible Samsung phones can use both contactless and magnetic terminals, thereby being further accepted at more places instantly. Android Pay is also not available yet in the UK, but it is in the USA, and works similar to the concept used by Apple.

The world needs android pay to take off as most phones work with this operating system. This will push forward conversion across the industry regardless of platform.

So all seems rosy in the world of mobile payments? Not really. LG have thrown their hat in the ring saying they are going to launch their own payments system. Walmart too. Plus there are other large companies looking to provide mobile payment solutions. This is going to get messy as companies fight it out for market share and dominance. What we need is simplification. If its an iPhone you use only Apple Pay. If its an android phone then it should be just android pay and so on.

The problem at the moment is contactless payments like Apple Pay need transactions to include loyalty cards and vouchers. This is where it gets messy. Why should retailers share sensitive data with Apple or Google or Samsung? So what happens, retailers launch their own system so you could end up trying to remember which app you need in which store!

Another complication is that sometimes using for example Apple Pay is not the best solution. Take Wagamamas. MasterCard have an app that Wagamamas use that allows you to order food and drinks from your app. You can order more food during the meal too. And when finished eating, use the app to pay. It gets even better. Lets say you’re a party of 10. All 10 use the MasterCard app to pay for just the items ordered. The process of splitting the food/bill is a breeze. Of course the other benefit is the speed. No more waiting to order your food and drinks. And no more waiting for the bill to arrive. The benefit to the restaurant is a faster turnaround. The MasterCard app can be used by other places too. With its location settings on, it can alert you to a place nearby that accepts the app. There are other options too.

So at the moment, the options for mobile payments is just taking off and is looking like it is going to get messy before its gets refined!

What have been your experiences so far with contactless payments? Have you used another system or app that you would recommend?

Apple Pay is coming to the UK – Announcement at WWDC – details

Tomorrow Apple holds it World Wide Developer Conference and one of the big announcements will be for the UK.

Apple is planning to introduce its mobile payment system, Apple Pay, to the UK in a few months. It will be interesting to see once Apple Pay goes live what actually can be bought and where. Apple has been in talks with banks and retailers for over a year.

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Just how important is Apple Pay – mega according to Chase Bank

“Following this past weekend’s promotion that saw Chase customers being offered free early downloads of David Guetta’s upcoming album just for adding their cards to Apple Pay, the bank has launched a new national campaign touting Apple Pay. The new campaign begins today with a 30-second ad featuring Fun front man Jack Antonoff’s side project Bleachers using Apple Pay at several locations around Los Angeles as they prepare for a rooftop concert.”

So a major bank is offering trendy incentives to just get Apple Pay setup. Clearly Chase Bank foresees the pound signs. Or I should say dollars.

Source Macrumours

Is Apple Pay a success ?

From the New York Times

“Apple only released its mobile payment system to the public last month, but the feature is already gaining traction at many retail outlets. New numbers from retailers that accept Apple Pay show that the public is jumping on board with the system in a big way

Walgreens, for example, says that since the release of Apple Pay, the number of mobile transactions conducted in its stores has doubled. Whole Foods says it has seen over 150,000 Apple Pay transactions since the iOS 8.1 update was released.

McDonald’s has also seen a rush by customers to give the new tech a try, noting that an impressive 50% of its tap-to-pay transactions since the release of iOS 8.1 came from Apple Pay.”

Whilst the usage is still very low it is worth noting that Apple Pay is brand new. Therefore the the figures are very good and will pave the way for more payments systems. Let’s hope Google improves its offering and then mobile payments will really start to gain momentum. Personally,  similar to Touch ID, I think Apple has really nailed the concept.

Is PayPal worried about Apple Pay as American Banks fight over customers

Below is the single page advert PayPal placed in the New York Times.


It makes reference to the nude iCloud photos and Apple’s lack of security. Perhaps PayPal needs to be reminded of the huge eBay hack that was kept quiet for ages. eBay and PayPal are owned by the same people.

Meanwhile American Banks are fighting already to gain Apple Pay customers.

“It’s a healthy competition,” JPMorgan Chase marketing chief Kristin Lemkau told the Financial Times. JPMorgan Chase launched Apple Pay-centered marketing campaigns on the same day as the service’s unveiling, and similar campaigns from Apple’s other partner banks quickly followed.”

So in my mind PayPal should be extremely worried!

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