Apple Pay – What is the maximum amount you can use it for in the UK? – Details

From Day 1, I had always thought that Apple Pay was restricted to £30. The £30 limit is the same restriction applied to bank contactless credit cards, with a maximum of 3 transactions per day.

But Apple Pay has moved on.

Morrisons Supermarket has a £30 limit on the bank contactless credit cards but with Apple Pay there is no limit. I had some unpleasant dental work completed last night, and to my surprise the dentists allowed me to settle my bill using Apple Pay.

So does the £30 limit still apply to Apple Pay. Sadly in some places it still does, so the only way you will find out if your local shops and supermarkets do allow unrestrictive payments is by asking them. What I have found is more and more places have dropped the max £30 requirement and that makes Apple Pay more useful.

And the coolest part of Apple Pay, is using your Apple Watch to pay for the goods.


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