HTC’s new flagship – the HTC 10 – details

Yesterday more information got leaked regarding the new flagship from HTC. The HTC 10, note no more “One” reveals the following.

So that’s right, potentially looking at a 5.1 QHD screen, 4gb ram, Snapdragon 820, 12mp camera, USB Type C and more. Now if the 12mp camera has OIS that could be interesting depending on the size of the camera sensor.

But somehow, I feel very underwhelmed by all these leaked details on the HTC 10. There is nothing standout about the phone in a crowded android market place.

The LG G5 has a modular system with LG Friends and a unique camera setup. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is gorgeous to look at and is being pushed with its Gear VR headset and dual pixel f/1.7 low light camera. The Xiaomi Mi-5 is top end specs in a lower priced body. And then we come to the HTC 10. Let’s hope HTC has a few surprises up its sleeve.

Could HTC save the day? Maybe, if they could get their new HTC Vive VR headset to work with the HTC 10. Now that would be cool!

2 thoughts on “HTC’s new flagship – the HTC 10 – details

  1. Meh – moved back to capacitive buttons I see (which is a plus in my book) book the bottom bezel still looks large/mis-proportioned to my eyes – while build has been great on the recent HTCs, I really do find the whole look of front of the devices just wrong. As you say – when you’re playing catch up, you need a ‘wow’ factor – can’t see any reason why someone would buy this over the competition tbh (oh and I bet the camera comes up short too :p )

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