Apple iPhone – How to edit RAW photos on your iPhone or iPad

Dramatic view of Sharpitor, Dartmoor #iphone6splus #LongExposure

Following on from some of my photography posts, I thought I would list some apps I use to edit RAW photos. The RAW photos could be photos taken with your iPhone using apps like Nightcap Pro or Camera+. The above photo was originally shot in RAW using Nightcap Pro. Of course it could be you’ve also imported RAW shots from your DSLR. Whichever method you have used, it is a simple affair to edit the photos.

On iOS there is such a wide choice of apps. Below are some of the apps I use –

– Snapseed for iOS – A free photo editor that also allows editing of RAW photos
– Photogene for iOS – A decent photo editor which I have used for years and years.
– ProCamera+ HDR- a rip off priced app which needs you to spend around £11 in total when you include the in app purchases needed, but it is still a great functioning app with no competition. Not only does it take stunning photos, but you can edit them with filters and more, along with RAW.
– Adobe Lightroom – Another free option, but not a patch on the full PC or MAC versions

So the above are my preferred 4 apps for editing RAW photos on iOS. Do you have any others worth recommending?

5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone – How to edit RAW photos on your iPhone or iPad

  1. There’s an iPad app called ProCamera HD for the iPad. It’s by the same people as ProCamera + HDR. Have you tried it? It’s cheaper but I’m wondering if it doesn’t have the same features.

    I’m looking for an app I can use to paint over an image and add text.


    1. ACDSee recently (last week) received an update which now allows photos to be saved either as lossless JPEG or TIFF.

      For you ACDSee allows you to paint on various editing features using a brush method but it doesn’t utilise text. It is my favourite iOS editing app.
      Photogene 4 does text with controls and allows you to brush on various editing effects.

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  2. Little tip on ACDSee;- When you want to save as either lossless or TIFF, first select the Share icon then from the window that pops up scroll across til you see Export. Select this and it drops you back into ACDSee allowing you to save as above.

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