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Apple iPhone – How to edit RAW photos on your iPhone or iPad

Dramatic view of Sharpitor, Dartmoor #iphone6splus #LongExposure

Following on from some of my photography posts, I thought I would list some apps I use to edit RAW photos. The RAW photos could be photos taken with your iPhone using apps like Nightcap Pro or Camera+. The above photo was originally shot in RAW using Nightcap Pro. Of course it could be you’ve also imported RAW shots from your DSLR. Whichever method you have used, it is a simple affair to edit the photos.

On iOS there is such a wide choice of apps. Below are some of the apps I use –

– Snapseed for iOS – A free photo editor that also allows editing of RAW photos
– Photogene for iOS – A decent photo editor which I have used for years and years.
– ProCamera+ HDR- a rip off priced app which needs you to spend around £11 in total when you include the in app purchases needed, but it is still a great functioning app with no competition. Not only does it take stunning photos, but you can edit them with filters and more, along with RAW.
– Adobe Lightroom – Another free option, but not a patch on the full PC or MAC versions

So the above are my preferred 4 apps for editing RAW photos on iOS. Do you have any others worth recommending?

Mini Retina or Air – my views on the new iPads

I already have the iPad Air and love it but out of the blue Apple started selling the smaller updated iPad Mini retina. So I happened to be passing thru an Apple store over lunch and spent some time comparing the two iPads.

I looked at each iPad, but whichever way I cut it, I still preferred the iPod Air. I just felt the larger screen offered a better reading and viewing experience.

If you are restricted on space and travel a lot then maybe I could understand the need for the Mini. Anyway, I just thought I would share my views on which iPad I would own, now that both are officially released.

Right on cue prior to an Apple Keynote, product shortages are declared

In about 2 weeks time, Apple is due to hold another Keynote speech, in which new iPads are rumoured to be launch.

And surprise surprise, the likely most popular model, the iPad Mini with a retina display, will be in short supply as commented by Reuters.

Call me skeptical, but every year just prior to a Keynote Product launch, there are stories in the press stating there will be shortages on the new devices. Apple just did it with the gold iPhone 5S and 5S generally. The shortage created queues outside of their stores.

However, if you order on line, your new shiny device will arrive in a week or two. Shortage, I doubt it. Good marketing. Most definitely.

Apple’s Hardware Plans for the new and old iPhones to iPads

This last quarter of the year is going to see some spectacular new phones being launched from just about every company. And that includes Apple. In fact, as to what Apple has planned certainly caused a decent discussion with my twitter buddies the other day.

And as to how spectacular remains to be seen, but Apple is sure to makes some bold colourful moves. I believe Apple will do the following.

The iPhone 5 will be upgraded to the iPhone 5S with improved camera, processor and not too much more. The real secret will be iOS 7, and the additional software exclusives that will bring to the 5S. In reality, there is nothing wrong with the current iPhone 5. It is a very powerful device and easy to hold due to its size and light weight. In past times, the new iPhone allows the older models to be sold at a lower price.

But the iPhone 4S features the old connector and not the new lightning version. It is also made of glass and is probably still fairly expensive to manufacture. So one thing is for sure, the 4S will be killed off this year. It will be replaced by new fashionable range of lower cost iPhones which will be available in many colours. It will be made of polycarbonate and cost less to produce. It will more than likely features the guts of the current iPhone 5 but as mentioned in a cheaper body.

The iPads. The new full size iPad will be lighter, and overall be smaller due to a thinner profile and bezel, very similar to the current iPad Mini. The iPad Mini will be update with a better screen, maybe retina.

The iPod Touch will remain as this will be at a cheaper price point the any of the new iPhones. With regards to the iPods these will remain pretty much the same, just with minor improvements.

Apple testing larger size iPad and iPhone screen sizes

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is testing a 12.9 inch iPad screen size and an iPhone in 4.7 and 5.7 inches. None of this is a surprise really, as I’m sure Apple test many different variety of sizes in the course of time.

What might be interesting is whilst a larger iPad screen size of 12.9 inches seems a big jump from 9.7 inches, with the every reducing bezels, the overall profile of a larger screen size may not be significantly larger than the current offering. My only thought though is 12.9 inch screen size is totally overkill for an iPad or tablet and too big for general lap use. People prefer the iPad Mini size as this is far more pocketable and user friendly.

What is more believable is Apple responding to market trends towards larger screened phones and phablets. What we might see from Apple is a 4.3 or 4.5 screen iPhone but in the same size profile of the current iPhone 5, but with no bezel. This would then allow Apple to release a new device somewhere in between the iPad Mini and iPhone. Lets hope we don’t have to wait too long as I really would love to see a larger screened iPhone.