Apple testing larger size iPad and iPhone screen sizes

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is testing a 12.9 inch iPad screen size and an iPhone in 4.7 and 5.7 inches. None of this is a surprise really, as I’m sure Apple test many different variety of sizes in the course of time.

What might be interesting is whilst a larger iPad screen size of 12.9 inches seems a big jump from 9.7 inches, with the every reducing bezels, the overall profile of a larger screen size may not be significantly larger than the current offering. My only thought though is 12.9 inch screen size is totally overkill for an iPad or tablet and too big for general lap use. People prefer the iPad Mini size as this is far more pocketable and user friendly.

What is more believable is Apple responding to market trends towards larger screened phones and phablets. What we might see from Apple is a 4.3 or 4.5 screen iPhone but in the same size profile of the current iPhone 5, but with no bezel. This would then allow Apple to release a new device somewhere in between the iPad Mini and iPhone. Lets hope we don’t have to wait too long as I really would love to see a larger screened iPhone.

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