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Big changes for Apple iPhone in 2017

Samsung Display Co. will begin supplying Apple with OLED display panels starting in 2017, according to The Korea Herald.

The deal is worth $2.59 billion which translates into Samsung providing Apple with 100 million units of 5.5-inch OLED panels annually.

Currently, all iPhones have LCD based displays so to switch to OLED displays really is a big change. OLED panels remove the need for backlighting used in traditional LCD panels. This should mean slimmer bezels on newer iPhones. OLED displays should translate into crisper images and brighter colours. However, the downside of OLED panels is more expensive manufacturing costs with shorter life span and the dreaded screen burn. Let’s hope these issues are non existent by 2017!

Apple iPhone – How to edit RAW photos on your iPhone or iPad

Dramatic view of Sharpitor, Dartmoor #iphone6splus #LongExposure

Following on from some of my photography posts, I thought I would list some apps I use to edit RAW photos. The RAW photos could be photos taken with your iPhone using apps like Nightcap Pro or Camera+. The above photo was originally shot in RAW using Nightcap Pro. Of course it could be you’ve also imported RAW shots from your DSLR. Whichever method you have used, it is a simple affair to edit the photos.

On iOS there is such a wide choice of apps. Below are some of the apps I use –

– Snapseed for iOS – A free photo editor that also allows editing of RAW photos
– Photogene for iOS – A decent photo editor which I have used for years and years.
– ProCamera+ HDR- a rip off priced app which needs you to spend around £11 in total when you include the in app purchases needed, but it is still a great functioning app with no competition. Not only does it take stunning photos, but you can edit them with filters and more, along with RAW.
– Adobe Lightroom – Another free option, but not a patch on the full PC or MAC versions

So the above are my preferred 4 apps for editing RAW photos on iOS. Do you have any others worth recommending?

Apple iPhone – How to use your iPhone’s flash for LED Notifications


If you own an Apple iPhone there are many extra options tucked away in the main settings app. It is worth ploughing through all the menus to see what else you can change / improve.

One of my favourite options to turn on is having the rear camera flash for incoming notifications and when the phone rings.

To do this open the main settings app, general, accessibility and scroll down and toggle on “LED Flash for Alerts”. A word of warning, in a dark room, the flash is rather powerful. However, I quite like having this on when I am listening to music as it means I won’t miss any new notifications as they arrive.