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Apple iPhone 6S Plus – The Review

I have written many posts covering my views on the new iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch, so for ease I have created this post whereby all further sections will now appear as well.

Panoramic Shot from the iPhone 6S Plus

Stunning Panorama over Dartmoor #iPhone6SPlus

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Apple iPhone 6S Plus – iCloud, Apple Watch – Part 3 – The Lows, Highs and Findings

It will be nearly two weeks with the iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch. It has been 2 weeks of jubilation and frustration, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Lows

iCloud Photos and iTunes Match. Apple senior support had to remote access my macbook to resolve the mess left by iTunes Match. iCloud Photos had a mind of its own, and has taken nearly 2 weeks to get in sync. In fact, I nearly decided to go back to Google Photos but gave it one more chance. Again it took Apple senior support to help resolve the issues initially with iCloud Photos.

The issues I had with the iCloud services drove my mad, to the point a few days in that I wondered if I had made a mistake switching my main phone from the LG G4 to the iPhone 6S Plus.

High mobile data usage. WiFi assist is a great feature, but again I think my upload speed at home meant it was uploading 4K video using my mobile internet and wifi. Consequently my first week with the phone used 2.5gb, which is normally what I use per month. By default, this setting is left on. It is worth noting this could happen. I also noticed at the Apple store Plymouth, the genius employees were deactivating this on 3 phones while I was there.

The Findings

Fortunately, when matters get crazy frustrating, I have patience and try to find what the rules/parameters software and hardware work to. My conversations with Apple senior support where also about trying to establish the rules and parameters of what does what under given circumstances.

If you are going to use iCloud for the very first time like myself, make sure you have fast internet for both upload and download speeds. My upload is slow and I do believe this contributed to the issues I had. Thinking back when I uploaded my music to Google Music it took 6 weeks. I also have to remember that I have used Google for years and years continuously so it has all my data already and knows what I do and when I need it. Apple, iCloud and Siri are on a learning curve, the data needs time to upload and sort itself out. Sometimes, it appears as if the cloud isn’t doing anything, and that may be the case as its having a coffee break. But it does start again and once my library was stored correctly future uploads are fine.

The Highs

I am pleased I gave iCloud Photos another go. It all works dandy now. Changes appear instantly across any Apple devices, and if I use my Chromebook and go to http://www.icloud.com I have access to my photos there as well. In fact, despite Apple refunding my iTunes Match subscription I am thinking about giving it a go again, but this time after my Apple Music trial has expired. When I switch iTunes Match on again, I will do this at a place with a fast upload speed to avoid any time out issues.

The phone itself is a wonderful piece of technology. iOS 9 is a bit of a learning curve for me as there are a lot of new ways of doing stuff and features but it is so good to use. 3D Touch, Apple Pay, the camera and all the apps are superb. The camera is not the best at one single aspect eg still shots goes to the LG G4, but as an overall package across all the different modes it is consistent and a decent shooter and always only takes a single shot to get that perfect shot. The Photos app allows for non destructive editing which syncs the edits across several devices. The features of the Photos app are excellent too. The iPhone is the only phone that has a burst mode that can take 999 shots in one go. In fact, I am not sure my DSLR could manage that many and then save them in such a short time either. So with 4K video, decent photos, you can use iMovie to create a slick movie in seconds. I miss not having iMovie on other non Apple phones.

Apple Pay really does just work. Raise your phone and near a terminal, your credit card image appears automatically, hold the Touch ID button and voila. All of one second. So far I have used it at MacDonalds, Costa Coffee and Marks and Spencers. I actually have used the phone once and the Apple Watch for the other 2 purchases.

And finally apps. A year ago if anyone had asked me I would have said android and iOS were equal when it came to apps. In fact android had some advantages due to its sharing options. With iOS 9, Touch ID and 3D Touch and gaming on iOS in my brief time with the 6S Plus, my view is swinging to iOS having an advantage. Apps feel and run smoother on the iPhone. In fact the whole user experience of the iPhone 6S Plus is a joy to use. Even Apple Maps has not failed me yet for car directions and even walking.

Link all of the above with the Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook and any other Apple eco system component and the benefits of continuity and handoff occur.

Now, in case you’re wondering if I am ditching android all together, this is not the case. I have several devices on test at the moment along with several reviews too. I also use a BlackBerry Curve daily, as this is a work issued phone.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Shooting with sun glare – tips

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus picks up sun glare fairly easily. Obviously, you can tilt the phone slightly to avoid the glare, but if you do shoot in to the sun slightly, not only will you get sun glare, but also sun spots.

The sun spots register as green spots and are rather annoying. Now post processing you could mask these if the spot is over some dark background. Just paint over it with the same matching background. Or, tilt the iPhone so the green sun spot is placed right into the sun itself, as per shot below. The end result is quite pleasing.

Sunrise over Great and Little Mis Tor, Dartmoor #iphone6splus

Apple iPhone 6S Plus – My Time Lapse Test

Below is a video produced from 3 separate time lapse clips recorded on the iPhone 6S Plus. It is worth noting that my tripod was shaking in the strong wind whilst recording the first clip. The optical image stabilisation was working overtime!

There are 3 clips in total merged together on the iPhone 6S Plus using iMovie iPhone app.

The middle clip is my favourite. Watch the boat appear and seemingly swerve at high speed. The first time lapse clip is filmed with a 360 degree rotating device mounted on the tripod.

Let me know what you think. The highest quality setting is 1080p.

More photos from the Apple iPhone 6S Plus and views

Below are some photos I snapped recently with the Apple iPhone 6S Plus. I am really loving the phone and with a bit of experimentation getting some really good photos, even in low light. Really low light is its weakness. But that’s when you need a flash.

I am also experiencing a major disaster with Apple’s iCloud service, iTunes Match, but more on that tomorrow, with hopefully some good news.

Right 4 photos, all random and all first shots. To see full size, just click on photo and select original size.

Cross the Line

Tiggy hides in the Grass, Dartmoor

Sunset over Princetown

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Day 1 experience – Photos and views on Rose Gold and Apple Watch

I was the unlucky one, my new iPhone 6S Plus did not arrive until the end of the day on Friday. And as I write this it is still no way near setup fully.

My plan is to remove Google from the iPhone and use all of Apple’s cloud services. This is not going as smoothly as I hoped yet. I have iCloud Photo enabled and and iTunes Match. All my photos are in the iCloud but not yet on my iPhone. That part of the sync has not finished. iTunes Match. My music has been matched successfully for 40% of my collection and is still trying to upload the rest. Except I have cloud error messages next to 50% of my music that failed to upload. Once the process has finished I will go into the settings and run an option to sort of repair the music library to see if that helps.

The main issue is the demand on the internet. I have uploads and downloads galore and without fibre speeds I am suffering. I might have to visit an Apple store one weekend and complete iTunes Match with a fast upload. My Apple Watch got turned on for the first time, but that needed a 515mb download. The Apple Watch is a complex beast compared to android wear but so far ahead of the curve.

Apple Pay. Both my Apple Watch and iPhone have been setup. This was the fastest part of everything.

I have already been asked how good is the camera. I do know the answer but I want to test it more across a number of situations. The main part to note is the rear camera has a f/2.2 versus say the LG G4 at f/1.8. The extra light the G4 allows at f/1.8 does make a difference for starters. However, the camera on the 6S Plus is lightning fast and the image processing is phenomenal. The front selfie camera is much better too. I have tested the front retina screen flash in different lighting and it really does adjust its tones dependant on the subject. Needless to say the 6S Plus camera is very good. Now is it better than the S6 or Note 5 or LG G4? I will answer that soon.
After this post goes live, I will upload some photos from the iPhone 6S Plus so do head back if you cannot see any snaps.

So far due to the late arrival on my iPhone and Apple Watch I have only added 3 home screens worth of apps. These are the ones that all needed passwords and or 2 step authentication so took longer to setup. I now have to go through my 2,000 or so apps and decide which ones to add to the phone. A lot of these are games and I have realised what great games I have missed playing while I have been stuck on android.

3D Touch. I have used it or I should say tried to use it but need more time to pass judgement.

So I am still in a setting up stage / discovery. I need to see what new apps have arrived both for the iPhone and Watch that I have not got and start to fine tune everything.

However, my overall takeaway despite being at an early stage is the user experience. OMG the screens and swiping down long lists just glide beautifully in any app. Even the official twitter app is leagues better on iOS because of this smoothness. Apps have integrated Touch ID and therefore offer a better experience and features. Touch ID is super fast now. And finally the 6S Plus battery is fantastic.

Rose Gold – my wife got a 6S in rose gold. It is a lovely colour and under different lighting looks beige sometimes, pinkish and shades of rose gold. However, I prefer the silver finish of my 6S Plus. In terms of size the 6S is a really good phone size phone but I wanted the 6S Plus for the better screen and optical image stabilization in the camera.