BlackBerry Key2 – Camera Showcase – Vote now on the camera quality!

In my BlackBerry Key2 review I was extremely critical of the phone’s cameras. So I decided to create a camera showcase of over 50 photos.

The BlackBerry Key2 features a dual rear camera setup, with 2 x 12mp lenses, dual tone LED flash. The rear camera can record 4K video at 30fps. The main 12mp lens has a field of view of 79.3 degrees, with a pixel size of 1.28um, F/1.8 and with dual phase detection auto focus. The second 12mp lens is for 2 x optical zoom, has a field of view of 50 degrees, a pixel size of 1.0um, F/2.6 and phase detect auto focus.

The front camera is 8MP and fixed focus, with a selfie flash using LCD. 1080p video recording at 30 fps is possible too.

So just as some context, the photos were shot in auto and portrait mode. The low light indoor church shot was in manual. 90% of the photos have been edited on the device to bring the best out of each shot.

But what do you honestly think? Vote “thumbs up” for its a good camera, or “thumbs down” for its sub par. Also feel free to add a comment as well. Now for even more clarity, I have a Key2 Flickr Album where you can browse

So sit back and look carefully at the photos and then vote afterwards or leave a comment.

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4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Key2 – Camera Showcase – Vote now on the camera quality!

  1. Gavin, will you be looking at audio quality? I’m having difficulty with BT. I can’t get my Key2 to acknowledge it is connected to a pair of aptx HD headphones.


    1. Hi Jah. When you connect headphones, sometimes a pop up floating message can appear saying connect via APTX HD and then disappear. It can take upto 10 secs to appear.

      What headphones are you trying to pair via APTX HD?


      1. Gavin, good point about the message. I’m using LG aptx HD headphones. My Sony WH1000XM2 can only connect at AAC (according to the associated app). I think the Developer settings have a range of codec options but the Key2 only actually supports AAC. Shame that.


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