BlackBerry Key2 Review – It’s so BAD yet I still love it!

Welcome to my review of the BlackBerry Key2.

Who says keyboards on a phone are dead! In fact, the BlackBerry Key2 is the fastest machine available to get things done, and I mean fastest. So its a badass phone but it’s also so bad too.

Key Specifications

– Size – Height 151.4mm, Width 71.8mm, Depth 8.5mm
– Keyboard – Touch enabled 35 key backlit Physical Keyboard (QWERTY) with integrated fingerprint sensor
– Weight 168g
– Navigation – Touch screen, with touch sensitive keyboard
– Dedicated keys Volume Up/Down, Power Key (for Power On/Off), Customisable BlackBerry Convenience Key (usable as Mute Key when on an active call )
– Snapdragon 660 with 6gb ram, 64gb storage, USB C, USB 3.0, USB OTG
– 3,450 battery with QC3
– Rear Camera – Dual Camera 12M+12M with Dual Tone LED Flash, HDR, 4K video recording at 30 fps, Scan, Private Capture, 12MP Fov 79.3°, Large Pixel – 1.28um, F1.8, Dual Phase Detect Auto Focus (Dual PDAF)
12MP Fov 50°, Pixel-1.0um, F2.6, Phase Detect Auto Focus (PDAF)
– Front camera, 8MP Fixed Focus, Selfie Flash using LCD, 1080p video recording at 30 fps
– Bluetooth 5, GPS, NFC

So what makes the phone so badass and bad at the same time. Watch my review to find out.

Useful Links

BlackBerry Key2 & accessories on Amazon UK


5 thoughts on “BlackBerry Key2 Review – It’s so BAD yet I still love it!

  1. So I had my Key2 for three days now. The keyboard is great and the new special key for shortcuts works well. I have Planet Gemini as well but I’ll be using the Key2 a lot more for daily use. The Key2 is my business device so not really bothered about the media capabilities. My other phone is the Note 8. I think TCL could make the screen better and larger but the keyboard is great. Typical daily use and I get to about 35% battery use.

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  2. I think the photos are good and some are exceptional. The portrait mode ones were the best. Maybe not world class but good enough to use and edit for work or social media. No reference to front camera. I assume because it is extrely bad. Good job Gavin!


    1. Hi John. Thanks for your feedback. Yes the front is terrible. If you look closer at the shots, lots of issues arise but as is they are passable. Did you see the new post today with the 50 plus shots showcase or was this reply after seeing this?


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