BlackBerry Key2 – First shots from the camera

Lots of coverage incoming on the new Blackberry Key2, but one criticism from the online reviews so far is just how lacklustre the camera is on the Key2.

Below are my first shots from the Key2. So what do you think?

Sample photos from the #blackberry #key2

My local church.

Sample photos from the #blackberry #key2

Sunrise over the war memorial in Princetown.

Sample photos from the #blackberry #key2

Three of my 4 labradors. Sophie, Fury & Tiggy. The girls!

Sample photos from the #blackberry #key2

Of course, shooting in portrait mode is quite easy to. George.

Sample photos from the #blackberry #key2

The girls again.

Sample photos from the #blackberry #key2

One thing you can do with the camera is use the finger print sensor (spacebar) as the shutter button. This acts as a secure shot, saves it that way away from prying eyes.

Anyway, just a few quick photos. Let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Key2 – First shots from the camera

  1. Could you do a comparison shot using the 2x lens. Colours seem vibrant. Certainly good enough camera. Dusk/night shots are the real challenge though.

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