Huawei P9 – My First Impressions on the camera with samples 

So I have the Huawei P9 in the house and have started to test the camera. What I have seen so far is impressive whilst snapping photos. 

The colour accuracy is excellent and the monochrome lens take some cracking photos. I will push the boundaries of this dual lens Leica branded setup and have some more posts. The church shot came out really well. This was plain auto mode. 

Inside Domino’s Pizza and they have stools to sit  while you wait for your food. This is taken using the monochrome lens. 


Above is the pizza menu to illustrate the colours snapped by the Huawei P9. 

More soon. 

4 thoughts on “Huawei P9 – My First Impressions on the camera with samples 

  1. Keen to see how you find this – have had a P8 Lite for a few days and really forgot how good and practical a slightly smaller phone is.

    Interested to see just how that camera stacks up 🙂


  2. Yeah, let’s see how you get on. The dominos flyer is quite striking, wondering if that’s down to the lighting or the P9.

    This camera requires some thought like that wide angle. Monochrome & realistic background blur adding another dimension.

    The way it does low light is unlike others and in some aspects much better. But it’s in the simpler things that I wonder about. Things we are açcustomed to like reasonably sharp shots in low light.

    The colour and exposures are striking. How are the details.


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