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Huawei P9 – My First Impressions on the camera with samplesĀ 

So I have the Huawei P9 in the house and have started to test the camera. What I have seen so far is impressive whilst snapping photos. 

The colour accuracy is excellent and the monochrome lens take some cracking photos. I will push the boundaries of this dual lens Leica branded setup and have some more posts. The church shot came out really well. This was plain auto mode. 

Inside Domino’s Pizza and they have stools to sit  while you wait for your food. This is taken using the monochrome lens. 


Above is the pizza menu to illustrate the colours snapped by the Huawei P9. 

More soon. 

Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 inch tablet – First Thoughts

Samsung just announced the Samsung Galaxy View, a 18.4 inch tablet. @Nirave from Android Authority goes hands on, video below.

From this brief video, it is clear the tablet is ridiculously large, too large, and seems to have issues with lag. It also does not fold flat as the rear cover part either pivots to allow to carry it or pivots the other way to act as a stand or typing position.

This will really be a niche product. The missing jigsaw piece is the price. If this is low cost then maybe this will have some traction

But I won’t be buying this.

Honor 7 – First Impressions

I have had the Honor 7 smartphone 48 hours now, but really only got to use it fully and exclusively all day yesterday. I have installed over 50 of my apps and about 5 games. This is a review device from Honor PR.

The Honor 7 runs Emotion UI which removes the android app drawer. This all your apps appear on the home screens and will require you to folders if you have many apps. Below are my 2 home screens.



I managed to snap a few more photographs yesterday, the first one using HDR due to the sun glare, and the second is a macro of pollination by a bee. I felt the photos were better than those I took yesterday.

The Historic Lloyds Bank Building, Penzance, Cornwall

The above shot is the historic Lloyds Bank building in Penzance, Cornwall. I really like the HDR effect produced by the Honor 7.

Pollination macro

Nexus 9 – First Impressions

I received the Google Nexus 9 a few days ago. I will be writing a more detailed review shortly but in the meantime here are my initial thoughts.

This is the 16gb storage version. This had around 8gb storage free. I am not sure why the storage is so low, considering this is meant to be a “pure” Google build. It runs Lollipop.

The Nexus 9 is made by HTC. The Nexus 9 is a 8.9 inch Android Tablet with a 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 2.3GHz, 2GB RAM. It weighs 426g and the battery is meant to last 9.5 hours. HTC’s trademark “Boomsound” front facing speakers are also present.

This is my first Lollipop device and pure Google Experience. Starting up for the first time, the new Lollipop setup menus seemed simpler and more logical. I was up and running in no time. I was excited by the fact that the processor was a Nvidia Tegra K1, meaning all the games I bought specifically for my Nvidia Shield Tablet would work on this tablet. Not so. Only T.E.C. 3001 worked and 3 other games had trouble running. Clearly these games needed updating. T.E.C. 3001 was absolutely brilliant on the Nexus 9, played using the Moga Pro Power Game Controller.

Battery. I need more time, but it does seem to zap juice under certain circumstances eg playing T.E.C. 3001. I will keep an eye out on actual run time to see if I can get around 9.5 hours. It is a shame this isn’t higher, especially as the tablet weighs 426g. It feels slightly heavier than other tablets I have used recently and yet it is lighter than say the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. But the illusion of weight does gives it a sturdy feel.

Smoothness. On the whole the Nexus 9 is a nimble affair. Typing on the on screen keyboard is very fast. I have experienced a few redraws of the home screen was pressing the home capacitive button.

And finally for now my lasting impression is those front facing Boomsound loudspeakers. The extra quality makes movies, YouTube and everything else a pleasure.

If you have any questions you would like answering for the main review, please let me know.