Apple iPhone SE – It’s killing the competition 

Having held the iPhone SE when it first came out, I initially thought it was a fake phone. I didn’t think the screen looked real and it felt so small. Ten minutes later and still playing around with the Apple Store demo I began to relive the joys of a small powerful phone that fits in every pocket and is a breeze to use one handed. 

However, at the moment my phone of passion is torn between the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the HTC 10. The Huawei P9 has some love but not at the same level. 

Consequently as I like phones I also tend to know all the people in my location and surroundings that sell them.  News on the front line is Apple’s affordable iPhone SE is killing it sales wise. Rose gold has up to a 20 days wait. So why is it so popular. Well it’s one of the cheapest iPhones available. And that does make a difference. It is also the only non big screen decent phone available. Sony has the Z5 Compact but it’s not an iPhone. 

This explains why Apple has been caught by surprise with sales of the iPhone SE. People prefer usability and a lower price over a larger cumbersome sized phone. I myself got rid of my S7 Edge for a smaller S7. Life is so much easier with a smaller physical phone. 

2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone SE – It’s killing the competition 

    1. Not surprising. The Edge is a great phone. It also has been on sale for much longer too. Problem is how can you tell if the iPhone SE is the SE model? Was it a 5S, or 5? Difficult 🙂


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