Huawei P9 – Taking the Camera to the next level

Yesterday I provided a few shots from the Huawei P9 camera. Today I have included a few more, this time using some of the more specialised modes from the P9 camera. For each photo, to view full size, click on it and select original or full size.

Below is a shot of my local church. This is taken as a base mark to compare the quality with all the other phones I have tested, as each phone always has to capture this landmark.

Church of St Michael & All Angels #HuaweiP9

And now the same church but just using the monochrome lens.

Church of St Michael & All Angels #monochromelens #HuaweiP9

The standout points from the church photos is the realistic translation of colours. Monochrome looks superb too. The level of detail is excellent. However, the monochrome version is too dark for my liking.

Shot of an exposed roots from a tree. Colour accuracy was excellent.

Ancient Roots #HuaweiP9

Below another example of colour versus using the monochrome lens.

Future Shed #HuaweiP9

Future Logs #monochromelens #huaweiP9

In this example I don’t think the monochrome lens adds anything special to the shot.

Special mode – Silky water. Stunning ability to create silky water. I used a 1 min exposure for this one. But this was snapped using the special silky water mode, so no skill is required. Mount on a tripod and wait.

Forest Waterfall #silkywater #HuaweiP9

The P9 also allows you to refocus after the shot and below is an example.

Tree Logging #HuaweiP9

And another refocus shot. Just look at the bokeh.

Tree Life #HuaweiP9

But I bet you’re wondering how the Huawei P9 compares to the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Well that will be my next article amongst many others coming soon, along with new device reviews. So stay tuned.

But before we go, I could really do with your help. So should you need to buy anything on Amazon, head over by using the respective links below. This helps by contributing towards the running costs of Gavin’s Gadgets.

The best part is that it also costs you nothing extra!



Have a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Huawei P9 – Taking the Camera to the next level

  1. The one thing that comes across with the p9 shots is the contrast. It’s like they come levels adjusted already which others require you to do in post.

    The result is striking shots sotc.


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