Huawei P9 – Camera action shots

They say a picture says a thousand words.

In this instance it really does show the weakness of the Huawei P9 camera.

This was burst mode. The resolution drops from 12mp to 8mp.

The below 2 photos are the best from the burst. As a comparison if this had been the S7 there would have been 70 perfect shots. The G5 would have produced about 23 perfect shots. The P9 could not produce a single one.



Whilst this is disappointing in other areas the camera is excellent.

11 thoughts on “Huawei P9 – Camera action shots

  1. Shutter picked in burst wasn’t fast enough ?

    What was it btw? The crops seem to have removed the image data.

    If you do it in manual and pick a faster setting maybe it will work. But you only get the one shot and not a series to go through and select the best.

    Otherwise wait for a brighter day and then try burst.

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  2. Trying to find similar lighting conditions and this one looks right.

    Perfectly hovering pet 😀

    Pointy Ears #George #Fog #Dartmoor #lgg5

    How fast is the shutter for that one ?


      1. Found one with shutter, 1/236, presumably burst

        Racing on Dartmoor - Tiggy vs George #lgg5

        It’s fast but not fast enough to be sharp. 1/500 or more is necessary. Not in those lighting conditions with burst.

        The g5’s f1.8 is around 50% brighter than the P9’s f2.2. Sensor size is similar.

        Still it picked a 50% faster shutter.


  3. Does the p9 have a hyperfocal mode, so that it does not have to AF before releasing the shutter? Also can the ISO be set manually higher in burst to get a faster shutter speed?


      1. then there is no chance the p9 will be able to keep up with an s7. S7 tracking is impressive in preview, but take note, the tracking is disabled while doing burst, so only the initial focus lock will be quick and accurate.


      2. There is tracking focus mode in the p9 but I believe it’s a question of shutter speed.


      3. Good to know. maybe a firmware update will resolve this issue. Either that or provide a pro or creative mode that will allow manual settings in burst.


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