Review Catalogue updates plus new section – updates on Gavin’s Gadgets

Every day  several articles or review go live. The back catalogue of reviews and information is extensive. If you want to find if there is information on a particular topic use the search option (magnifying glass icon) near the top right. 

Now if you’re browsing on your PC, Mac, iPad or tablet you should see the above screen layout. Tapping on Menu, Reviews will open up the review menu structure. 

Now if you’re using a mobile device like an iPhone , the mobile version is as below. 


 As you will see there are now 8 review sections. These have been updated to include all the latest published reviews. A new category has been started called “Photography”. 

In the Photography section will be reviews covering mobile photography accessories and or related camera attachments. There are several reviews in this section already. 

The Audio section covers Bluetooth headphones and systems, headphones of all types, amps, DACs and other cool audio gear. As there are over 30 plus reviews I have reorganised this page to make it easier to find exactly what you need. 

The Phones section covering mobile phone reviews across every operating systems , tablets, laptops and more now has over 80 reviews. 

Smart wearables section is expanding and again there are reviews across a number of different platforms. So far there are over 15 reviews. 

Internet of Things is an expanding review section too. 

Accessories is self explanatory. 

The HTC One M7 and M8 section is a dedicated section which is for all the fans who keep reading this content. 

And if you fancy some nostalgic reviews from the post, take a look at the historical reviews. Some real gems in there. 

Going forward in 2016 there will be plenty more reviews too. 

Thank you all for visiting Gavin’s Gadgets. 

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