Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Review – DON’T BUY IT

Michael Fisher loves Window Phones. So do I. Just look at all my reviews on the earlier devices I have written!

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So why does Michael Fisher start and end by saying don’t buy it. It is because the software is unfinished. There are bugs everywhere. Faults everywhere. The Windows app store is sorely missing decent and cross platform apps. The Microsoft store is broken! Can universal apps save the day. Maybe but I am not optimistic. In fact, Outlook on iOS is way better than Outlook on Windows Phone. Go figure that one!

Window Phone fans keep saying the software is in beta or Microsoft will fix everything. This sounds like a familiar pattern from the old days. Microsoft don’t sell or advertise the phone as BETA, so fan people stop giving it excuses. The platform sucks at the moment.

But it has a great camera. So does the LG G4, LG V10, Samsung Note 5 and iPhone 6S Plus. So a great camera by itself is no longer a Lumia advantage.

Now, am I being harsh. I don’t think so. I have read countless reviews but more importantly followed Window Phones fans on social media. This is where when faced with another crisis or problem a social media post will be made. I have seen so many fans vent their frustration there is no way in a million years I can or will buy this phone until the software is properly fixed and universal apps start being a going concern. In my estimation this is one year away.

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Review – DON’T BUY IT

  1. Without trying it yourself Gav I don’t see how you can encourage or discourage someone to buy a phone, have every reason to believe Michael Fisher, but also know people had no issues. My trial starts tomorrow and if the phone isn’t up to par I’ll agree with you , if it’s faultless but missing apps I don’t want or use, I’ll probably buy one. Fingers crossed Michael has a faulty unit , although I know he exchanged one phone as I watch & read a lot of his stuff.


      1. Ditto, which is why I hoped/waited for a trial. If it’s camera is better than expected and it operates quickly and continuum is any good at all, it will do for me, but can appreciate people criticising, hope I don’t have to, but we’ll see 😉

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  2. I bought a Lumia 950 after ditching my Nexus 5x which I dropped (doh!) – not having any major bugs on the 950 like the reviewer did, phone runs well, less laggy moments than my Nexus and even some of the new Universal Apps surprised me with their quality – ‘Tweet It’ for example. Its seems some users are having issues but form my experience, it the best Windows on a Phone experience yet 🙂

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  3. Don’t get me wrong – it not perfect. The main thing is consistency in my experience. Some times its super slick, sometimes the good old ‘Resuming’ screen appears when opening apps – think this is just down to the apps not being updated though. Apps so far like Tweet It, Baconit, Aeries even OneFootball, give an indication of how slick this phone could be. Battery life is fine and the camera seems superb so far – again not perfect, but when it nails a shot, particularly portraits, it gets the colours so natural.

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