Mega Camera shootout – iPhone 5S vs Sony Xperia Z1 – share you view on the better phone!

Apple has just released the iPhone 5S with its improved A7 processor and updated camera 8mp. Meanwhile Sony has also recently released its bad boy Sony Xperia Z1, with a huge 20.7mp camera.

They do say size isn’t everything, but how will this pan out in real life tests. Below are 3 sample shots from both cameras. To view the full resolution versions along with all the exif data, additional photos for comparison, go to my special Flickr set .

First up you will notice that the iPhone 5S does not shoot in widescreen 16:9, rather 4:3. The Z1 in superior auto mode shoots in 16:9 and in manual 20.7mp settings is also 4:3. Again, study the photos here and on my Flickr set. And decide which is best. Tomorrow, I will give you my opinions on the 2 phones.

First up inside Costa Coffee with the Z1.
2013-09-21 08.27.51

Now with the 5S.

Inside the Apple Store Plymouth with the Z1.
2013-09-21 09.51.45

Now using the 5S.

Ok, lets go outside. It is a grim day with overcast skies. Z1 goes first again.
2013-09-21 10.39.12

And once again same shot but with the iPhone 5S.

And outdoors again on Dartmoor. It is a foggy day. First up the Z1.
2013-09-21 11.12.31

And lastly, the 5S.

To see more photo examples including 20mp shots from the Z1, go to my Flickr set .

And leave you views in the comments. They all count. Tomorrow I will conclude with my thoughts on the cameras.

7 thoughts on “Mega Camera shootout – iPhone 5S vs Sony Xperia Z1 – share you view on the better phone!

  1. Could it be the superior auto mode which is wrong with sony z1?
    In manual mode photos are ok.
    Make them small in Photoshop and make little this and that
    give ok results.

    Pity there is no inside photos with moving people in manual mode.

    iPhone is ok, but not great. Especially if you look at them 100%.

    For me the best phonecameras seems to be Samsung g4 zoom and Nokia 1020.

    It’s time to take pause
    and wait for mature time in phonecamera era?
    it’s perhaps around the corner…

    Thank You Gavin!


    1. It could be. The Z1 photos blur around the edges. Colours not as natural as 5S. BUT with a few software updates the Z1 camera has potential to be awesome and I think it will in time. Will be keeping both phones to see how the improvements pan out.

      I will try some manual mode of moving people or dogs later, just for you:)


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