Battery stats Sony Z1 vs iPhone 5S

Both had 3 hours 40 mins on screen time and started from 100%.

Sony Xperia Z1 battery at 80%.

iPhone 5S at 21%.

9 thoughts on “Battery stats Sony Z1 vs iPhone 5S

      1. One more question even though you had to return your Z1 because of poor camera quality! When you used Z1 was the stamina mode enabled? I’m still wondering if it’s battery life is enough for me.


  1. hi gavin,
    any updates on the phone crashing? does it still do it or has it become stable now ? heard an update is rolling out for C6902? Any luck for C6903 cos i have pre-ordered the white version. Also please tell me what kinda things you run so that i could get a good idea on the battery life. For example Fb accounts,twitter,GPS, Movies, Games etc


    1. Not aware of any updates for the C6903. Nor if there was an update in the pipeline what is in the update log.

      The reboots are very random, once a day. I have no idea what causes them either.

      Battery life – apart from FB, you name it, I have it syncing in the background – twitter, GPS, Google Now, Email, Gmail, Whatsapp, Linkedin and more. I play games, web browse, etc… 24 hours , or a day from 6am to 11pm will be possible.


      1. thank you, for the battery life quotes, i was really worried that z1 may not have a good battery life thanks GsmArena battery run down. Hopefully the camera gets good with firmware updates


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