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Samsung Galaxy Gear – Impressions

I have had the Galaxy Gear with the Note 3 for 48 hours. I didn’t like either device to be honest so returned both items.

To be clear, the Note 3 was too big for my liking but pretty awesome nonetheless. Just simply too big for a phone. So it you like large phones, this is probably one to check out.

As to the Galaxy Gear, well it was clever and geeky and did a lot of things, but I just couldn’t see the point. I lost interest in it after an hour. It didn’t help that I thought it was ugly to look at on my wrist. My wife thought it looked like a kids toy.


A moment of madness at 3am

A few days ago, I awoke around 3am. I decided to see if anything major had occurred in the tech world, and the only thing I could see was the Samsung Note 3 on Amazon UK had finally dropped in price to £579 instead of its mouth watering £699.

The Note 3 fascinates me. I decided to get the iPhone 5S instead, but the Note 3 keeps calling out to me. It is probably the geek in me that is drawn by this massive specification device. So there I was a 3am browsing Amazon. And then as easy as one two three, I had added the Note 3 to my basket, paid and went back to bed.

And then whilst sleeping, I kept thinking why did I get the Note 3. Is it really going to be a better offering than the iPhone 5S. Yes, I would have a larger screen and potentially longer battery runtimes but what else. When you start to pull apart the extra features you soon realise they don’t really matter. I would lose one handed use. The 5S camera and its software is truly fantastic. I would lose a phone that just works really well across everything aspect. My Sony QX100 hub lens fits really well over the 5S. It wouldn’t fit over the Note 3. So as I slept, I realised that even though on paper the Note 3 has a bigger specification, in reality I would be worse off. So I awoke out of my sleep at 4am, opened the Amazon app on my iPhone 5S, and cancelled my Note 3 order. All actioned one handed and in seconds.

I have now decided to wait until Apple’s Keynote iPad speech on 22nd October, as I believe more of the hidden functionality of iOS 7 will be announced. After that, I will decide if the Note 3 is worth a try. Somehow, I don’t think I will be adding it to my list of devices.

If you are using the Note 3, perhaps you could add in the comments how your experience is going.

New phone dilemmas – do you suffer ?

Apple launches new iPhones. Samsung releases it’s new phablet. LG, HTC and more all coming out with their next great phone.

And as these phones come out you wonder if your phone you just bought was the right decision. Or are you the sort of person who buys and doesn’t worry about the next big thing.

So here I am looking at my iPhone 5S and am wondering whether I should use Apple’s 14 day return with no obligation and get the Note 3.

I have tried to draw a pros and cons list. And fundamentally it’s a spec vs apps vs one hand vs screen argument. The Note 3 is state of the art. But the apps on iOS are more advanced and function better. But the the Note 3 is probably future proof. But then you could say when will you ever use all those hardware specs?

Watching the YouTube review posted yesterday made me crave the Note 3 even more. So with 2 days to decide what would you recommend ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 latest

After the S4 got released in a plastic finish, and the HTC One in metal, pressure was placed on Samsung to release the Note 3 in metal or something similar.

Well bad news, it will be made in a similar design to the S4. However, the bezel of the screen isn’t that thick like previous Note devices, it’s more like the S4. The Galaxy Note III should have an Octa-Core processor: Quad-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A15 & Quad-Core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A7. 13 megapixel back camera, 2 megapixel front camera, latest version of Android, Samsung’s own TouchWiz and oa 5.99” Full HD AMOLED display.

Personally I didn’t mind the S4 look, but they’re is no denying the HTC One and now Nokia Lumia 925 look more premium.