Samsung Galaxy Gear – Impressions

I have had the Galaxy Gear with the Note 3 for 48 hours. I didn’t like either device to be honest so returned both items.

To be clear, the Note 3 was too big for my liking but pretty awesome nonetheless. Just simply too big for a phone. So it you like large phones, this is probably one to check out.

As to the Galaxy Gear, well it was clever and geeky and did a lot of things, but I just couldn’t see the point. I lost interest in it after an hour. It didn’t help that I thought it was ugly to look at on my wrist. My wife thought it looked like a kids toy.


1 thought on “Samsung Galaxy Gear – Impressions

  1. The Galaxy Note is not a Smartphone. It is a mini tablet with the size designed to allow Note taking. If you want a powerful smartphone for non Note taking functions look elsewhere. Also the size is not that different from the old Note 2. Samsung sold 5 million in a month so it does satisfy a lot of people’s requirements.

    The Gear is an acquired taste like the first Note, Note 1. The Sony Smartwatch 2 is more toy like. I really like my Gear now that I have found an appropriate use for it – personal notifications as I have two Smartphones I often forget to check my personal phone for non business communications. This is generation 1. In 2 years wearables will be as big as smartphones once we have improved ssensors for heart rate and blood pressure and location.


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