New phone dilemmas – do you suffer ?

Apple launches new iPhones. Samsung releases it’s new phablet. LG, HTC and more all coming out with their next great phone.

And as these phones come out you wonder if your phone you just bought was the right decision. Or are you the sort of person who buys and doesn’t worry about the next big thing.

So here I am looking at my iPhone 5S and am wondering whether I should use Apple’s 14 day return with no obligation and get the Note 3.

I have tried to draw a pros and cons list. And fundamentally it’s a spec vs apps vs one hand vs screen argument. The Note 3 is state of the art. But the apps on iOS are more advanced and function better. But the the Note 3 is probably future proof. But then you could say when will you ever use all those hardware specs?

Watching the YouTube review posted yesterday made me crave the Note 3 even more. So with 2 days to decide what would you recommend ?

7 thoughts on “New phone dilemmas – do you suffer ?

  1. I would stay with the iPhone. I have tried exactly like you going over to Android, have been owning the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, HTC One and Xperia Z and it always ends with coming back to an iPhone. It is simple and too locked down sometimes but it just works and the apps are almost always better


  2. It is an issue of value – what do you value. I value the productivity elements of the Note 2/3/8 and therefore prefer the large screen & stylus features. For weekends and holidays I now use a S4 Active. If you don’t like a big device because it does not fit with your life style and you can’t counter this against the productivity benefits then you should stick with a smaller screen device. In the long term your Smartphone or small screen tablet (aka Note 3) is not just a technology purchase, it is a tool. If the tool does not enhance your life-style, it will not get used. Unless you have lots of money and then you can have one of every variety.


  3. Don’t do it Gav stay with the IPhone. Android seems like a good idea at the time but then Samsing don’t upgrade the version so it goes stale. Stay with iOS


  4. For me it is just a matter of premium quality.i bought a note 2 one year ago switching from iphone 4s.the truth is that back then I loved the features samsung offered and to this day I love my note2.BUT
    Note 2 and 3 feel ( doesn’t look ) cheap and every time I touch an iPhone 5s I realise that it has a premium quality that no samsung phone can offer.
    It’s what you reallywant

    If you want a piece of art that you can admire even when it’s turned off then keep ur iphone

    If you want features the go with the note 3.
    Its screen is amazing.


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