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Nokia Lumia 820 – Review – 5 Part Review

Below are all the review posts I have written covering the Nokia Lumia 820.






Nokia Lumia 820 – review conclusion

Instead of revealing everything about the Lumia 820 now, I am going to reveal all my actual untamed thoughts on this phone on Sunday night, within Episode 4 of a podcast I co-host every two weeks with David from UKMobileTech called Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast.

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So if you would like to have anything answered on the podcast this Sunday, please leave a note in the comments. This should be an interesting podcast as Dave and I are near the end of our Windows Phone 7 Day Challenge. This is where we ditched our sims out of our iPhones and into a Window Phone. I chose the Lumia 820 and Dave the Lumia 925. Thanks to @Nokia_Connects for use of the hardware.

Nokia Lumia 820 – review thoughts part 3

Yesterday I was asked to comment on the camera and sound quality. So that is exactly what I am going to do.

But before I do that I have had some problems with software. I installed Nokia Creative Studio and Nokia Glam Me from the Microsoft marketplace store. Glam Me froze every time forcing me to turn phone off and on. Creative Studio after saving an edit froze completely and the only way I could get the phone back to life was by pulling battery out. I’m not sure why this is happening at the moment.

So back to the sound quality questions asked yesterday. The loudspeaker sound emits from the bottom edge on right side of the micro USB connector via a small cutout. The output sound at full volume is very loud. It doesn’t have the bass depth of the HTC One but it is totally way better than expected and many other phones. There is slight distortion at the highest volume 30/30. Sound through wired headphones is also above average. It is not in the class of a Samsung S4 or iPhone 5S,but then these phones costs well over £200+ more.

The camera. The 8mp camera does a good job in bright lighting conditions. In dull light, it also works rather well. Below are two shots taken indoors in low light, and a close up crop of a mug. Then I used Nokia Creative Studio, colour pop for a bit of fun.



Remember, this is only a 8mp Carl Zeiss camera on a mid priced phone! For the money it shoots above average shots in most conditions. What I do miss is the shooting mode options as found on a number of Samsung smartphones and cameras. Apart from that, it is a surprisingly good camera. Actually, it is not surprising as the cheaper Lumia 620 also managed to take some good shots with just a 5mp sensor.

Anyway, more tomorrow, but here’s in one last shot taken indoors of my pet dog, Fury.

And a few two more. One is a crop of the onion.



Nokia Lumia 820 – review thoughts part 2

Another day has now passed with the Nokia Lumia 820.

There is a lot to like from a hardware and software point of view. Nokia include some great additions and I’m really enjoying Nokia MixRadio. I really like the fact the Nokia Here Maps is not only included free of charge, but that I can download the whole map of the UK, therefore not using my mobile data tariff whilst out and about. And just to be clear, downloading your country map is free too. The Family Room sharing is a nice feature, along with the People app. The People app integrated all my social networks and contacts, and provides a live title that kept updating with new social activity.

The app and game catalogue keeps improving and I’m not really struggling through lack of apps and or alternative options. It is clear, that if you use a Windows Phone, you have to really use the Microsoft Eco system to get the most from the experience. This now applies if using an android phone or iPhone, where you are best served with Google and Apple options respectively.

The only real issue I’m suffering from is the poor implementation of notifications on the Windows Phone operating system. This is not a fault of Nokia, it is squarely levelled at Microsoft. However, I believe the first quarter of 2014 will bring a new notification centre and in turn rectify the key area of weakness/failure.

I’m still surprised by the above average camera, especially in a phone that is so affordable in the line up of Nokia Lumia’s.

I’ve had no real issues with the 820 apart from poor notifications. Battery is lasting a whole day from 7am to midnight with about 25% left.

I’m going to explore the Microsoft marketplace and see what interesting apps and games I can find and will report back soon.

Nokia Lumia 820 – review part 1

So I have been using the Nokia Lumia 820 for several days now as my only phone, and there is a lot to like from a hardware point of view. Nokia have built a very solid piece of hardware, which provides a reassuring feel to using it. On the software front, Nokia include some of its own apps which massively enhance the user experience from Mixradio, Here Maps and photo shooting and editing apps.

The camera is a 8mp Carl Zeiss affair which snaps some above average photos for a phone in all lighting conditions. I view the 820 as the middle of the pack from Nokia’s offering of windows phones. Beneath the 820 is the 520, 620 and 720 and above are the 925, 1020 and just launched 1520. Having used the 620, 925 and 1020 I feel that the 820 is a little bit pig in the middle. It’s better than the budget end with improved hardware, camera and comes with a replaceable battery and memory card slot. But jumping up to the Lumia 925 and above in my opinion is a big leap. The hardware is superior along with the camera software and hardware.

Therefore, at the moment after 4 days with the 820, I am of the opinion that you either spend less and go for the budget 520 or 620 or get your wallet out and splash out on the 925, 1020 or 1520. The budget offerings don’t feel compromised. You appreciate what you are getting for your money. The 820 feels a little compromised, not that it really is in any way as it’s priced accordingly. It’s that I have been spoilt with the 925 and 1020. The 1020 would be my phone of choice if I didn’t have the 5S. In fact, I hear it calling everyday. It really was a marvellous piece of hardware with its 41mp camera sensor.

I will update you with my views as I get to use the 820 more and more.

The 7 Day Windows Phone Challenge

Myself and Dave Rich of UKMobileTech have both moved our sims into Window Phones and intend to use them exclusively for the next 7 days. Dave is using a Nokia Lumia 925 and myself a Nokia Lumia 820.

We both have used Windows Mobile phones in the past, but now its time to see how the new software updates improve the experience.

To recap on my reviews of the Nokia Lumia 620, 925, 1020 and now 820, click above into the Reviews page for all the links.

To find out how we got on, tune in next Sunday to part 4 of “Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast”. To subscribe click here for iTunes or copy and paste this link into your favourite podcast app.

Thanks to @Nokia_Connects for the loan of the phones.

A few more reviews – details

Just a quick heads up.

I have a Nokia Lumia 820 arriving soon which I’m looking forward to putting through its paces.

Headphones – following on from my review of the Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 and Sony XBA-H1, I will be reviewing the Sennheiser Amperior soon. The Logitech UE 6000 and Sony XBA-H1 will also have a longer term update as well. I have used a wide selection of headphones, so please ask if you have a question or two.

Ballistic case – I will be looking at a Ballistics case for the iPhone 5/5S next week.

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 5S – report on long term usage on the red, cream, brown and blue cases. A quick reveal. The brown leather case isn’t that lovely light shade of brown anymore!

Nokia Lumia 820 – first impressions



I received the Nokia Lumia 820 is the post yesterday evening. I’ve only had a short time with it, but below are my first impressions.

It’s a fairly substantial feeling phone, both in terms of actual weight and feel in the hand. It’s very comfortable in the hand, approximately the same height as the iPhone 5S but wider. It’s has a 8mp Carl Zeiss camera, a removable back cover and battery and expandable storage with a micro SD card. In fact, at first glance I didn’t believe the back cover actually came off and had to watch a YouTube video revealing how the back cover was removed.

I took a few photos indoors in low light, and once again the Nokia optics perform rather admirably. The Lumia 820 is not in the same league as the 1020 but it did snap rather good photos despite the low lighting.

It’s style is similar to the Nokia Lumia 620, but larger with a better camera and 1gb ram. I don’t know what it is about the Lumia range but they feel tough and the only phone brand I would not protect with a case.

Next week I will post more thoughts of the Nokia Lumia 820.