Nokia Lumia 820 – review part 1

So I have been using the Nokia Lumia 820 for several days now as my only phone, and there is a lot to like from a hardware point of view. Nokia have built a very solid piece of hardware, which provides a reassuring feel to using it. On the software front, Nokia include some of its own apps which massively enhance the user experience from Mixradio, Here Maps and photo shooting and editing apps.

The camera is a 8mp Carl Zeiss affair which snaps some above average photos for a phone in all lighting conditions. I view the 820 as the middle of the pack from Nokia’s offering of windows phones. Beneath the 820 is the 520, 620 and 720 and above are the 925, 1020 and just launched 1520. Having used the 620, 925 and 1020 I feel that the 820 is a little bit pig in the middle. It’s better than the budget end with improved hardware, camera and comes with a replaceable battery and memory card slot. But jumping up to the Lumia 925 and above in my opinion is a big leap. The hardware is superior along with the camera software and hardware.

Therefore, at the moment after 4 days with the 820, I am of the opinion that you either spend less and go for the budget 520 or 620 or get your wallet out and splash out on the 925, 1020 or 1520. The budget offerings don’t feel compromised. You appreciate what you are getting for your money. The 820 feels a little compromised, not that it really is in any way as it’s priced accordingly. It’s that I have been spoilt with the 925 and 1020. The 1020 would be my phone of choice if I didn’t have the 5S. In fact, I hear it calling everyday. It really was a marvellous piece of hardware with its 41mp camera sensor.

I will update you with my views as I get to use the 820 more and more.


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