Nokia Lumia 820 – review thoughts part 2

Another day has now passed with the Nokia Lumia 820.

There is a lot to like from a hardware and software point of view. Nokia include some great additions and I’m really enjoying Nokia MixRadio. I really like the fact the Nokia Here Maps is not only included free of charge, but that I can download the whole map of the UK, therefore not using my mobile data tariff whilst out and about. And just to be clear, downloading your country map is free too. The Family Room sharing is a nice feature, along with the People app. The People app integrated all my social networks and contacts, and provides a live title that kept updating with new social activity.

The app and game catalogue keeps improving and I’m not really struggling through lack of apps and or alternative options. It is clear, that if you use a Windows Phone, you have to really use the Microsoft Eco system to get the most from the experience. This now applies if using an android phone or iPhone, where you are best served with Google and Apple options respectively.

The only real issue I’m suffering from is the poor implementation of notifications on the Windows Phone operating system. This is not a fault of Nokia, it is squarely levelled at Microsoft. However, I believe the first quarter of 2014 will bring a new notification centre and in turn rectify the key area of weakness/failure.

I’m still surprised by the above average camera, especially in a phone that is so affordable in the line up of Nokia Lumia’s.

I’ve had no real issues with the 820 apart from poor notifications. Battery is lasting a whole day from 7am to midnight with about 25% left.

I’m going to explore the Microsoft marketplace and see what interesting apps and games I can find and will report back soon.

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