Nokia Lumia 820 – review thoughts part 3

Yesterday I was asked to comment on the camera and sound quality. So that is exactly what I am going to do.

But before I do that I have had some problems with software. I installed Nokia Creative Studio and Nokia Glam Me from the Microsoft marketplace store. Glam Me froze every time forcing me to turn phone off and on. Creative Studio after saving an edit froze completely and the only way I could get the phone back to life was by pulling battery out. I’m not sure why this is happening at the moment.

So back to the sound quality questions asked yesterday. The loudspeaker sound emits from the bottom edge on right side of the micro USB connector via a small cutout. The output sound at full volume is very loud. It doesn’t have the bass depth of the HTC One but it is totally way better than expected and many other phones. There is slight distortion at the highest volume 30/30. Sound through wired headphones is also above average. It is not in the class of a Samsung S4 or iPhone 5S,but then these phones costs well over £200+ more.

The camera. The 8mp camera does a good job in bright lighting conditions. In dull light, it also works rather well. Below are two shots taken indoors in low light, and a close up crop of a mug. Then I used Nokia Creative Studio, colour pop for a bit of fun.



Remember, this is only a 8mp Carl Zeiss camera on a mid priced phone! For the money it shoots above average shots in most conditions. What I do miss is the shooting mode options as found on a number of Samsung smartphones and cameras. Apart from that, it is a surprisingly good camera. Actually, it is not surprising as the cheaper Lumia 620 also managed to take some good shots with just a 5mp sensor.

Anyway, more tomorrow, but here’s in one last shot taken indoors of my pet dog, Fury.

And a few two more. One is a crop of the onion.




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