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Starbucks loves iOS 7 and iPhones

Starbucks, this week, updated their Pick of the Week promotion to take advantage of iOS 7′s ability to use the device’s camera to redeem iTunes gift cards.

Before that you had to manually type the code into the iTunes Store. Earlier this year, Starbucks began offering the promotion via an App Store app. The pick of the week promotion allows customers pickup cards from participating Starbucks locations and download an app or other piece of iTunes media for free.

Handy is you like Starbucks coffee and own an iPhone.

iOS 7 update on Game Controller Support

iOS 7 provided support for a new third-party accessory, game controllers. To use this feature, you need to both own an Apple-approved gamepad accessory and a compatible game from the App Store. There have been leaks of MFI hardware from Logitech and other manufacturers, but nothing has yet hit the market. Maybe more news will be revealed on October 22nd.

Some good news now. The Unity framework announced on its blog that the newest version of its game engine surfaces inputs from these controllers natively in the SDK. Basically, Unity is offering a wrapper between Apple’s Objective-C API and Unity’s own game logic code. The Unity framework powers thousands of games in the App Store. This will mean we will suddenly see an explosion of games supporting game controllers.

This will also spark the death of the Ninetendo DS and Sony PS Vita.

Amiga soon to arrives on the iOS App Store

Classic game company, Amiga Games has today announced distribution of its catalog of titles through the App Store in time for the 2013 holiday period.

In addition, the games will be compatible with iOS 7 and with game controllers.

I expect to see a big boom in games offering support for these new game controllers, which in turn will makes iOS and even stronger gaming platform.

And after Google Maps comes Google Search on iOS 7

So, what app on iOS 7 from Google could also be better than the equivalent on android. Yep, its Google Search which just got an update to receive notifications for Google Now.

The timing of this update is uncanny, as I was thinking the other day how useful it would be if Google Search had notifications for Google Now.

Again, using the banner system and badge count will make this app more in your face with information you need.

It is not a big change, but it is one that will make the app slick. So do you agree?

Google Maps is better on iOS 7 than android – false or true?

I have been using iOS 7 for a week nearly on a iPhone 5S, and it has rather surprised me. Prior to iOS 7, using Google services and apps on an iPhone was rather painful, but now sign in to Google+ and the other Google apps can sign in automatically too.

But one app that I used a lot on an android phone was Google Maps. And I hate to admit this, but on iOS 7 it works better.


Simply, the way iOS 7 does notifications, if you are in another app with Google Maps running in turn by turn navigation mode, not only does the phone speak the next turn, but it displays a large enough banner at the top of the screen with the written instructions too. This makes it really useful to use and a feature that is missing on android.

Sometimes, you wonder which operating system is more important to Google.

The secrets of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S

iOS 7 to most appears to be a brighter and lighter face lift over iOS 6.

But actually it is a lot more. Apart from its 64 bit architecture support and the A7 and M7 chips inside the iPhone 5S, there are still approximately 100 new API’s under a non disclosure agreement that having been made public, even to developers.

The M7 coprocessor manages the sensors and does this without using the full power of the A7 processor. So what is Apple keeping secret from everyone with iOS 7 and these processors?

1. Game Controllers – expect to read and see more of this. This will be a game changer, excuse the pun. Playing games with a game controller creates a whole new experience. It will also be the death of the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP Vita.

2. Sport accessories – expect to see more sport related accessories and apps

3. iWatch – hidden APi’s to reveal the extra functionality

4. Cross device syncing instantaneously

5. New hardware support for future devices.

So what else do you think will arrive?

The Devils in the Detail – iPhone Homescreen on iOS 7

With the new iPhones, iOS 7 came along too and provided an opportunity to do something you couldn’t do before.

Quite simply, you can add unlimited number of apps in a folder. This means if you have 100 games for example you can put them all in one folder. This is something I have actually done. This in turn means you can have all your apps and folders on one page.

So have you any tip?

iOS Apps and Games

Even though I have not got any more iOS devices, I still have been updating my extensive iOS apps and games on iTunes. It has been interesting reading the new update descriptions.

Developers have been making their apps more iOS 7 in appearance, while adding in extra compatibility and or functions. I imagine, if I was to buy an iOS device and reinstall my apps I would be shocked at the difference.

And then it got me thinking. iOS really does have a better selection of apps and games than any other platform. Android is catching up rapidly, but it still does not have the breadth and depth. This gap is even more noticeable with tablet apps. In addition, iOS apps generally look better presented.

You can see why people stick to the Apple brand and their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch’s.

However, despite my findings I decided not to buy a new iPhone but a Sony Xperia Z1. I simply prefer a larger screen than the 4 inches of the iPhone.

iOS 7 arrives today – have you updated? Issues? iPhone 5S and 5C reviews

The latest iOS software update to version 7 happens today.

So have you updated, and what are your thoughts?

And one last thing.. read the update description on some of the game updates.. support for game controllers has started appearing!

Issues? Are you having problems downloading app updates. Update is showing as available but doesnt download?

iPhone 5S and 5C reviews are appearing. Highlight of top writers views noted here http://allthingsd.com/20130917/inevitable-iphone-review-roundup/

However, Myriam Joire at Engadget has written a fairly balanced review of the iPhone 5S and 5C (www.engadget.com). The 5S review with sample photos from the camera has convinced me if you have a 5 it is not worth upgrading to the 5S just for the camera.

iOS Traumatic Stress Disorder

Shortly Apple will release iOS 7 to the masses. Most people when they hit accept update to iOS 7 won’t realise how dramatically different the new iOS version is compared to the previous.

So it should come as no surprise that Apple is training its staff to deal with iOS Traumatic Stress Disorder. That is customers calling about their new look.

Just how the whole world will view the new look is unknown but I am sure Apple’s marketing team will create a campaign to make everybody desire the new look and functionality.