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My disaster with my HTC One

Let’s create the scene. My HTC One had been customised big time. I had unlocked the bootloader via HTC Dev website, turned it from s-on to s-off, rooted and installed a custom 4.2.2 ROM and firmware. So in essence I had removed all the 3 branding and had a phone I could customised in every way possible. I was also running the 4.2.2 update before HTC released it officially.

So what should have been a simple update to the firmware on Saturday lunchtime, ended up deleting all my data, media, photos, videos, absolutely everything. From there I tried to correct the mistake and made even more errors. My twitter friend Paul provided some great guidance, but somehow I ended up in an even worse position due to two other people trying to help and making matters worse. So its 6pm, and I know if I can’t sort problem out before the HTC One battery dies, my phone potentially would be dead forever. Bricked. Yes, I had spent 6 hours so far trying to resolve and nothing was working. I must admit, I even thought of calling it a day, and filming a hammer strength test and uploading it to my YouTube channel. To give you an idea, I couldn’t install any apps, WiFi had stopped working, error messages and force closes were happening, phone wasn’t switching on and more. My HTC One was sinking like the Titanic.

I had one last option left, which was installing a RUU. This is an official HTC release and the RUU was an old version of software that came originally with the phone. But whilst that worked, I still was not out out of the water, as I had red error texts messages. Another hour later and realising the information provided earlier by 2 people had been wrong, I slowly unravelled the mistakes.

So, finally at 11pm on Saturday, I had a phone in good working order and with my apps and games reinstalled. I also had received my first over the air update from HTC and now just need the new official 4.2.2 update which is due to land today or tomorrow in the UK. I have also relocked the bootloader and secured the phone back to s-on and unrooted. So I have a pure stock HTC One silver 32gb phone. And ironically I have 17gb more memory free.


Now, as I have been unofficially using the new 4.2.2 update from HTC and now am back with the older version, I am really surprised at how different the phone feels. The new update vastly improves the touch sensitivity, accelerates the camera forward in quality and adds new video highlight themes. Addresses the three dot menu button, tweaked the home button options to a much better position, in fact improves the whole operation of the HTC One. This is how the phone should have been released from day one. It really it a superb phone but is soon to be replaced by my Sony Z Ultra.

Now I know some people like customising ROMs, but to be honest you shouldn’t need to nowadays. With a good launcher like Apex or Nova that should give you all the tweaking you need.

PS. Saturday was a day where everything went wrong. I burnt my finger and mouth . I knocked two boxes off the kitchen worktop on to the tiled floor. And as my disaster was unfolding I had friendly comments on twitter suggesting I should get an iPhone as it backs all your data up perfectly, and perhaps as I was breaking everything to lie down in bed, with a warning not to fall out! One thing is for sure, the backup of an iPhone is first class.

Turn your silver HTC One into black for only £4.99

An eBay seller “smartskins” sells vinyl stickers for a number of devices. On various HTC One forums the feedback on the stickers for the HTC One were positive. So I ordered the slate black costing £4.99. I have used vinyl stickers from decal girl and gelaskins, both of whom are renowned for their quality and designs.

Opening the envelope I was greeted with the vinyl sticker itself, instructions and a cleaning swab. So first I cleaned front and back of my HTC One and then commenced attaching the vinyl sticker.


You have a few options. On the rear you can have different colour top sections to provide a contrast look and on the front you can either have 2 small sections top and bottom that just cover the speakers, or one large piece that covers the side of the screen and the bottom screen up to the beginning of the screen. See photo above. If you make a mistake you can remove and start again. And when you fancy a change, you can remove and change the look.





As you can see from the photo above, you get stickers to cover all the edges, sides and top and bottom.

So, what do you think?

Create a 60 second video highlight on the HTC One

The HTC One has a marvellous feature whereby it automatically creates a 30s video highlight of an event. But what if you want a 60 second video.

Go to the event in the gallery app. Long press on the event, select split and select half of the items. Give the event the same name but just add 2 after the second one. Now you will have 2 events of the same event both of which will get it’s own video highlight.

If you want to combine an event, long press the new event and select merge.

It’s as simple as that.

HTC One 4.2.2 update is released

If you have the HTC One, HTC has started rolling out the 4.2.2 update. And it’s a big update, including several optimizations and bug fixes. The touch sensitivity has been improved a lot.

One of the biggest changes it brings is the new file format for Zoe, which makes for a much better file management tactic. No longer does dropbox upload 20 photos for every Zoe. And it goes without saying that this update also brings all of the usual Android 4.2.2 features, such as Google Now, Daydream, Gesture Typing, and expandable, actionable notifications.

The full changelog can be seen below:


Android 4.2.2
Launcher bar enhancement
Widget panel rearrangement
New Lock screen style: Widget
Enhanced Home button behavior
Add Home button options to make navigation menu bar removable


Show battery level in status bar

Quick settings panel: 12 default settings by new touch gesture


AE/AF lock feature: Lock Exposure/Focus at viewfinder screen
Zoe:New Zoe file format for better file management
Video Highlights: Add 6 more themes


Music channel: Add seek, fast/back forward functions to enhance user experience

I am running this update already, and am really pleased with the extra features and software fixes and enhancements.

HTC One update to android 4.2.2 details

Good news and pretty much on cue, if you have a HTC One unlocked and unbranded get ready for a over the air update for android 4.2.2.

Lots of new features too including improved Blinkfeed, more video highlight options and new options for the home button. The home button can be configured for menu, google now and recent apps. A number of bugs are fixed too.

The update is due to arrive from Friday onwards at the earliest.

HTC One KLD Oscar II case

I received at the weekend the KLD Oscar II book case for my HTC One.

And it’s a great case for the HTC One. Firstly, the inside of the phone tray is lined with soft material so as to not scratch the phone. The case also allows one credit card to be held in the inside flap. The flap is not magnetic but it does close shut. It also has slits on the front flap to allow the speakers to emit their sound freely. The rear has a hole for the additional microphone as shown in the photo, as well as the camera.

The front and rear are made of a fake leather, and has a slight cushion effect. It early days, so I can’t provide any feedback on durability but I do like it.



I bought this via eBay .