Turn your silver HTC One into black for only £4.99

An eBay seller “smartskins” sells vinyl stickers for a number of devices. On various HTC One forums the feedback on the stickers for the HTC One were positive. So I ordered the slate black costing £4.99. I have used vinyl stickers from decal girl and gelaskins, both of whom are renowned for their quality and designs.

Opening the envelope I was greeted with the vinyl sticker itself, instructions and a cleaning swab. So first I cleaned front and back of my HTC One and then commenced attaching the vinyl sticker.


You have a few options. On the rear you can have different colour top sections to provide a contrast look and on the front you can either have 2 small sections top and bottom that just cover the speakers, or one large piece that covers the side of the screen and the bottom screen up to the beginning of the screen. See photo above. If you make a mistake you can remove and start again. And when you fancy a change, you can remove and change the look.





As you can see from the photo above, you get stickers to cover all the edges, sides and top and bottom.

So, what do you think?


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