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Your advice is required – name an app that creates video highlights like the HTC One

One of the coolest features of the HTC One is video highlights.

Lets say you go to the zoo with your friends or kids. You film some video, take photos. That event now has a 30 second video highlight automatically created by the HTC One. You can remove some of the photos you don’t like, change the random order and select from a dozen different themes that change the music and effects. And it’s all instant.

If you don’t know what I mean, see below. This was created using a few photos of my dogs George and Fury.

So do any of you know of a third party app that can create something similar on android and or windows phone 8?

Create a 60 second video highlight on the HTC One

The HTC One has a marvellous feature whereby it automatically creates a 30s video highlight of an event. But what if you want a 60 second video.

Go to the event in the gallery app. Long press on the event, select split and select half of the items. Give the event the same name but just add 2 after the second one. Now you will have 2 events of the same event both of which will get it’s own video highlight.

If you want to combine an event, long press the new event and select merge.

It’s as simple as that.